From Tullamarine to Tassie…We Hope!

Jetstar Airways runs a ‘Flying Start Programme’ which gives groups a ‘flying start’ or helping hand in the form of a grant.    For the past three months, entries have been open to organisations in Victoria and Tasmania.  One lucky charity, sporting, educational, health or arts group/organisation has the chance to win $15 000 in flights and $15 000 in cash.  Read more about it HERE.  A little while ago, Miss Crowther received an email about it and we decided that we would like to apply.

After meeting our blog buddies from Killara Primary School we would love to meet more of the people we work with through out blog.  So, we would like to use the grant to meet our blog buddies from 5/6CS in Tasmania.  The plan (and Mrs S from 5/6CS agrees) would be to visit Montagu Bay Primary School, meet our buddies and visit attractions in Tasmania.  It would be wonderful to meet the people we have worked with on Artist Trading Cards and the Alien Project.  Click HERE, HERE and HERE to find out about the trading cards and HERE to read about the Alien project.

A team of people in 5/6JC spent the last few weeks of term writing and rehearsing a song to try and convince the judges that we should be given the grant.  Some of us helped to brainstorm ideas for the written application.  We filmed our song and you can watch it below.



The $15 000 cash would be used to pay for accommodation, meals and entry fees.  The left over money would buy us more laptops and iPads so we could continue to collaborate with 5/6CS and other classes around the world.

We know that there will be hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of people applying and they would all put the grant to excellent use.   However, if you don’t apply, then you have absolutely zero chance of being awarded the grant.  Applications close tomorrow and we all have our fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed!

 If you had free flights to anywhere in the world, where would you visit?  Why?

Have you ever applied for a grant?  What was it for?

Our Artist Trading Cards

Our Artist Trading Cards have arrived safely at their destination! Mrs S and 5/6CS opened them today so we can now share them with all of our blogging friends.

You can read about more about our Artist Trading Cards Project here, here and here.

Check out the photos of our Artist Trading Cards in the slideshow below.

What do you think our next project should be?

If you made Artist Trading Cards what would you draw?


A Super Skyping Session with 5/6CS!

Yesterday we Skyped with some very talented artists and ‘origami-ists’ (is that even a word?!) from 5/6CS in Tasmania.  At the start of the term, Mrs S and 5/6CS sent us Artist Trading Cards and we created some for them. The only problem was that we didn’t know how to make the fancy little paper card holders. So, we Skyped with them and they taught us!

Some students in 5/6CS stayed in during their lunch time and showed us how to turn one piece of A4 paper into a card holder with four pockets.  It was easy to follow most instructions but we had to keep on checking to see if we followed them correctly.  Our sound was a bit dodgy to start with but we fixed it by the end of the instructions, just in time for our chat.  We had to ask them to sing the alphabet whilst we tested our sound.  We think they thought it was a strange request!

When we finished we all held up our card holders and 5/6CS cheered and clapped.  We were proud of 5/6CS for their wonderful instructions and proud of ourselves for following them correctly.

After we made our card holders we had a little chat.  Some of us were able to talk to the artists who made the cards we received.  Ideally, you are meant to meet the artist who makes your cards face to face.  However, we need to collect a few more 5 cent coins before we can afford a trip to Tasmania!!  So, Skype was the next best thing.  It was wonderful to talk to the person who created the cards we received.

After our Skype call, we got a little carried away with the card holders.  Some people decorated and made some more using coloured paper.  Most of our card holders are ready to be sent.  We hope to have them in the post by Friday


Have you ever received Artist Trading Cards?

Has anyone taught you anything using Skype?

What type of origami do you know how to make


We’ve Got Mail!

This week we received a surprise package in the post.  Early in the year Mrs Smith from 5/6CS in Tasmania invited us to take part in an art blogging project.  Except, Miss Crowther didn’t tell us!  So, when the parcel arrived we had no idea what was in it…and at first we thought they had sent us cereal!

Watch the slideshow below to see what was actually in the package.



Artist Trading Cards are original works of art produced on mini cards.  The idea is to trade them with others, a bit like football cards.  The project was initiated in 1997 by Zurich artist, M.Vänçi Stirnemann.

Some of us first met Mrs Smith and her students last year when we did a Mystery Skype.    One of the best things about having a class blog is making new friends.  We’d like to thank Mrs Smith for asking us to make and trade Artist Trading Cards.  It was awesome!  We have finished our cards and they will be in the post very soon.  We won’t put photos up until Mrs Smith and 5/6CS receive them, otherwise it would spoil the surprise!

What things do you like to collect and trade?

What theme would you use for your Artist Trading Cards?