JSC Sports Day Fundraiser

The Junior School Council (JSC) organised a Sports Day Fundraiser for our whole school.  Everyone came in sports clothes, donated a gold coin, ate a delicious lunch and played games in the afternoon.  There were basketballers, footy players, horse riders, dancers, baseballers, golfers, netballers and many more sportsmen and women.


JSC organised and served a special lunch.


We ate lunch with our Prep buddies.


The JSC team ran an afternoon games session.


We played three games; Penguin Olympics, Bob Down Freeze and Corners.


Over $250 was raised and will be put into JSC’s bank account.  We usually have fundraisers for charities and donate the money rasied.  This time, the money will be used for something special at Upper Plenty.  Very soon, we will help decide how it should be spent.

We would like to thank JSC, Maggie, Mrs Laffan and the parents who cooked our lunch. Thank you!

What is your favourite sport?  Why?

How do you think we should spend our money?

Have you ever organised an event?  Tell us about it!


House Hockey

Over the past couple of weeks, students in Grades 3 – 6 have been participating in a House Hockey Tournament at lunch times. Miss Kenny and Mr J helped the House Captains organise the tournament. The two finals were played last week.


You can check out the action and find out the final results in the video below.


Thank you Miss Kenny, Mr J and the House Captains for organising a great tournament. We can’t wait to for the next one!

What is your favourite sport?

Have you ever played in a final?  Tell us about it!