You may remember that our first Global Project for the year was Miss Leakey’s Postcard Project.  We each wrote a postcard to a class somewhere in the world.  Slowly but surely we started hearing from classes who had received our postcards…and we even heard from Miss Leakey! 


Below are some of the postcards and messages we have received.  Some postcards went on quite an adventure to reach their final destination! We still have our fingers crossed that we receive more replies. 




 If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?  Why?

Have you received anything in the post this week?


The Postcard Project

Today we started learning about writing transactional texts.  Letters, invites, cards, postcards, notes, emails and blog comments are all transactional texts because you are sending or receiving information (transacting) to or from  someone.

A few years ago, Miss Leakey set up The Postcard Project, whilst she was teaching in New Zealand.  Teachers and students have been busy writing, sending and receiving postcards around the globe.  In the past, some of us  participated in the project and enjoyed it.  Today we all wrote a postcard to a class somewhere in the world.

Here are some important things we learnt about writing a postcard:

* There’s only a small space, so you have to prioritise your message, write neatly and clearly.

* Use a greeting and a closing.  For example, Hello, G’day or Dear and Bye, Best wishes, From

* Introduce yourself briefly.  For example, I’m from 5/6JC at Upper Plenty in Victoria, Australia.

* Include information and questions.  Make it interesting.

* Write a return address if you want a reply!

* Write the address.  Usually you need to use a new line for the name of the class, school, street, suburb, state & postcode and country.

* Proofread for meaning, punctuation and spelling.

We wrote postcards to schools in Australia, England, USA, Iceland, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii, Italy and Germany.  They will begin their journeys tomorrow and hopefully arrive at their destinations within a fortnight.  We can’t wait to see who writes back!

What transactional texts have you written?

Have you received a postcard before?  Where was it from?

Can you find out when the first postcard was sent?