Plenty of Fruit!

The Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market came to Upper Plenty today!

Carolyn and Teisha told us some very interesting facts about the market.  Did you know that it is the largest wholesale market in the Southern Hemisphere?  It is the fifth largest market in the whole world!  When we are fast asleep, buyers and wholesalers are working hard.  The market is open from midnight to 7:30am.

We heard about the different types of fruit and vegetables available at different times of the year.  Carolyn and Teisha reminded us that we should eat 2 pieces of fruit and 5 vegetables every day.  It’s also important that we eat lots of different coloured fuits and vegetables.

The highlight of the session was when we got to munch on a variety of foods.  Some we eat everyday, like bananas and apples.  But, some things were new – like asparagus.  It’s important to try different foods because our taste buds change every 14 – 21 days.  So, if you don’t like something today, try again in three weeks time!

Thank you to Maggie for arranging for the visit and all the parent helpers who chopped our fruit.


Taste testers!

 What fruits and vegetables do you like eating?