Natural Disaster Facts & Figures

Today we discovered some interesting facts about natural disasters.

Did you know…

* The earthquake off Indonesia on Boxing Day in 2004 measured 9.1 on the Richter scale?

* 78 million people in Asia were affected by natural disasters in 2012?

* China has had the world’s deadliest famine, killing 30 million people?

* A severe tropical cyclone can have a sustained wind speed of 170km/h in the centre?

* Natural disasters affect people in different ways.  Click HERE to listen to how drought has affected three children.

Click HERE to watch a video about tsunamis (you can also just say ‘tsunami’ for the plural form too).  The word tsunami is a Japanese word.  ‘Tsu’ means ‘harbour’ and ‘nami’ means wave.

This week for Flipped Homework we have to watch the clip, write two interesting facts and ask one question in a comment on this post.

What interesting facts did you learn from the video clip?

What do you still want to find out about tsunamis?