Cyber Detectives


Last week, together with 3V and 4/5P, we became Cyber Detectives. Cyber Detectives is a program run by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as part of their Cybersmart Programs. Last term an ACMA expert, Lesley, visited and spoke about all the different things we need to do to stay safe online and to be Cybersmart. Becoming Cyber Detectives helped us to practise what we have learned.

We worked in small groups to solve 15 clues. The clues were sent to us in emails. Below is the first clue we received:



Our teachers, people from ACMA and possibly even police officers were our online guides. After we received each clue we emailed our answer or any questions to one of the online guide. The guides kept us on track and helped us work out the mystery.

There were also 15 polls to vote in. The first one is below:



After reading all the clues it turns out that the phone belonged to ‘rolergirl13’ whose real name was Sarah. She had met someone online and agreed to meet them in real life. BUT, the person she was meeting wasn’t who they said they were. Luckily, the children who found the phone did all the right things and a teacher made sure that Sarah stayed safe. Sarah’s parents didn’t know that Sarah had been talking to a stranger online and posting personal information.

Check out the photos, taken by Miss Wills during the session, in the slideshow below. Thanks to Miss Varker and 3V for sharing!



We enjoyed being Cyber Detectives and think that it is a great activity for all upper primary and early secondary students to do. It really makes you think about what you should and should not do online.  Ask your teacher to visit the Cybersmart website and sign up now.  It’s free!  🙂

We would like to thank Mrs Placek for signing us up, our online guides and ‘roving’ helpers.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What do you do to stay safe online?

What information should never be posted online? 

(Don’t write it, just tell us the type.  For example, surname, phone number etc)


This afternoon we logged on to a safe social network called Skooville.  Skooville is the new SuperClubs PLUS.  It’s had a bit of a make over and ‘grown up’ since we last visited. 

Skooville is one tool we will be using to make sure that we learn how to be safe and responsible online.  It is also a site that will help us to develop our digital literacy skills.  We will be doing both of these important things and having lots of fun along the way.  We can’t wait!

This afternoon we created an avatar to represent us online.  It tells people a bit about us but doesn’t give away too much – like a photo would.  Our avatars appear on our own individual pages, along with lots of cool other stuff. 

Skooville is a big place and we will be exploring it over the coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned!

What do you like about Skooville?

How do you stay safe online?

Do you use another website to help you learn about being smart online?