2012 – Snail and Whale

In 2012 many of us participated in the Snail and Whale global project organised by Stephen and Room 3 from Russell Street School in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

The idea came from Julia Donaldson’s picture storybook of the same name. A snail wants to see the world so she hitches a lift on the back of a humpback whale. The pair travel the world.

3/4C & 3/4K hosted the Snail and Whale. Being a host class involved showing Snail and Whale around the community and involving them in different activities. Snail and Whale met the class mascot, played with students from 3/4C and 3/4K, went on a tour of the school and  to a Kid’s Trivia Night.  They also packed their bags and came on camp with us. Busy times!