2011 – Flat Stanley

In 2011, many of us participated in our very first global project, The Flat Stanley Project.

The novel Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown, is about a little boy who is flattened by a bulletin board.  He soon discovers that there are many perks to being flat, including being able to travel cheaply and easily around the world.

Everyone in 3/4C made a ‘Flat Person’.  We named them after ourselves.  For example, Emma would be Flat Emma.  Our Flat People travelled to Mr Standen’s year three class, 3T, at the Australian International School in  Singapore.  3T sent us their flat people.   We took our flat people on lots of adventures and created a PhotoStory of each person’s Australian adventures to share with 3T.  3T made Linoits to show us what our flat selves did in Singapore.  We went on some amazing adventures!

The Flat Stanley project has now come to an end.  We really enjoyed working with 3T and learning about life in Singapore.