2013 – Alien Project

Our Alien Project was a perfect fit for us and 5/6CS.  We were learning how reports are written, they were learning about Space and we both love using technology in the classroom.  So, the Alien Project was born!

We wrote a report for a fictional alien and emailed it to 5/6CS in Tasmania.  We also drew our alien using Word.  However, we kept these a secret until 5/6CS had read our reports and recreated the alien using our description.   You can read more about our Alien Project HERE




Students in 5/6CS recreated our original aliens from the description in our reports. Check out the results in the slideshow below.

5/6CS also gave us valuable feedback on our report writing skills. We sent them a checklist to use about the structure, language and features of our reports. They filled them in and posted them back to us.

Report checklist completed by 5/6CS students


Feedback and advice from 5/6CS


Feedback and advice from 5/6CS


We really enjoyed creating our aliens, writing our reports, sharing them with 5/6CS and reading their feedback.