What A Day!

Today we launched our magazine, Global UPdate. Parents, grandparents, friends and guest speakers joined us from near and far to hear about how we wrote our articles, what we learnt and to get their copy of the magazine.  We even had two special guests who weren’t actually in Victoria!

Earlier in the week we were interviewed by Amy from the local newspaper and on Tuesday it hit the stands!  Amy came earlier in the term to talk about writing newspaper articles and we used the information to help write our own articles.  It was great to have Amy come back and see the finished product.  The only problem was that the people in the photo below weren’t actually allowed to open the magazines!  And we’ll let you in on a little secret…they’re only the proof copies that the magazine publishers sent to us so Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther could check things.


We wore red to support our chosen charity, Red Cross. Nicole from Red Cross spoke about the work Red Cross does and how our money will help people who have been affected by natural disasters. We learnt about natural disasters this term and were affected by the Black Saturday bushfires, so we were really happy to help such a great cause.

Some of us spoke about how we researched our articles by emailing people at schools around the world.  We explained the process and shared some facts about our articles.  We also had a panel of students who answered questions from the audience on everyone’s behalf.




Mrs Monaghan was a special guest speaker…all the way from England!  It was only 9:15am in Australia but it was 10:15pm on Tuesday night for Mrs Monaghan!  We’re very grateful that she stayed up so she could talk to us about all the great projects we have worked on with her class.  Technology means that we can work and learn with people on the other side of the world and feel like we know them.



Our third guest speaker was Jeremy Scott who is cycling 50 000km around the world to raise money for The Heart Foundation.  At the moment he is in Sydney.  Click HERE to visit his blog and read about his adventures.  Today was a rest day for Jeremy which was lucky for us because he could talk to us!  Jeremy told us about the things he has seen on his adventure.  In one photo there is an ‘elephant’ road sign!  He has cycled in temperatures of -20 degrees and met bears.  Sometimes it has been really hard to keep going, but he does.  His trick is to think of a hard thing he has done in Turkey and remind himself that nothing is as bad as Turkey.  Jeremy is nearly at the end of his trip as he only has about 5000km left to ride.



At the end of the launch we finally got to see a copy of the magazine and it was AWESOME!  We ate red velvet cupcakes, red grapes, red apples and red lollies whilst we read our articles.



We all enjoyed sharing our magazine with our family and friends.  We hope we get to write one next year!

What was the most important thing you learnt from publishing the magazine?

If you wrote a magazine, what would you make it about?


Global UPdate!

This term one of our main focuses has been to publish a magazine comparing similarities and differences of countries around the world.  And…we’ve done it!  We’ve called our magazine Global UPdate.  The ‘UP‘ is for Upper Plenty.  Our magazine has articles about life all around the world.  From Germany to Tokyo and England to Canada we’ve got it covered.

We worked in teams to write the articles about all sorts of things, including literacy, foods, favourite things, numeracy, schools, fun and games, natural disasters, hobbies, sports and animals.

After weeks and weeks of planning and gathering information through emails and Skype we finally finished our articles!  As we type this post they are being processed at the publishing company.  The company sent us two ‘proof’ copies so that we could check that the layout is perfect and there are no spelling errors or typing mistakes.  We get one more chance to see our updated proofs.


The Front Cover

Once we have approved the new proofs the company will print 100 copies of our magazine!  We have decided to sell them for $15 each. We have to pay the publishing company and would like to raise some money for a charity.  Any profits made will go to Red Cross.  This charity was chosen because they support children all around the world and children all around the world helped us write our articles.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the magazine.  We are looking forward to seeing our published magazine soon!  If you would like to order a copy, please leave your details in a comment below, use the contact form (under ‘Contact’ at the top of the screen) or drop into the School office.

If you wrote a magazine, what would you write about and why?

What magazines do you enjoy reading?  Why?


JSC Sports Day Fundraiser

The Junior School Council (JSC) organised a Sports Day Fundraiser for our whole school.  Everyone came in sports clothes, donated a gold coin, ate a delicious lunch and played games in the afternoon.  There were basketballers, footy players, horse riders, dancers, baseballers, golfers, netballers and many more sportsmen and women.


JSC organised and served a special lunch.


We ate lunch with our Prep buddies.


The JSC team ran an afternoon games session.


We played three games; Penguin Olympics, Bob Down Freeze and Corners.


Over $250 was raised and will be put into JSC’s bank account.  We usually have fundraisers for charities and donate the money rasied.  This time, the money will be used for something special at Upper Plenty.  Very soon, we will help decide how it should be spent.

We would like to thank JSC, Maggie, Mrs Laffan and the parents who cooked our lunch. Thank you!

What is your favourite sport?  Why?

How do you think we should spend our money?

Have you ever organised an event?  Tell us about it!


Fun with Five Cents

Two weeks ago the UPPS Friends and Family Group set a fundraising challenge for every class.  For this fundraiser, they delivered an empty jar to each classroom.  The challenge?  To fill it with five cent coins!



Some facts about the five cent coin:

(Source: Australian Government Royal Australian Mint website)

* It was introduced in February, 1966

* The echidna design was created by Stuart Devlin

* It has a mass of 2.83 grams

* Its diameter is 19.41mm

* No five cent coins were made in 1985 or 1986

* In 2008, over 200 million five cent coins were made!


We have been searching high and low for five cent coins.  Lily might have a machine that makes them hidden at home because she has found so many!  Our jar is almost full!!  Soon we will need to empty it, count the coins and start again.   The challenge ends in eight weeks.



How much money do you think we’ve raised so far?

How much money do you think 5/6JC will raise in total?

What fundraising activities have you participated in?