Rajah’s City Adventure

For the last two weeks, the students in 5/6JC have been on school holidays. Our class mascot, Rajah, became lonely waiting at school for his friends to return. So, he hitched a lift to the city. Whilst he was there he took some photos…




What do you like about the city?

Which cities have you visited?


Student Led Conferences

Today is Student Led Conference Day at Upper Plenty P.S.  Students have a ‘Suitcase of Learning’ filled with special pieces of work that they share with their parents.

A Suitcase of Learning

Pieces of work are included for different reasons and students explain why each piece of work has been ‘packed’ in the suitcase.  Suitcases have work from all our different subject areas.

Each piece of work is selected for a reason.

After looking at the Suitcase of Learning, students and their parent/s meet with Mr J and/or Miss Crowther. The students are the leaders of the discussion. Parents get to ask questions too!

Sharing a Suitcase of Learning

Parents really enjoyed looking at our learning

What did you like learning about during this semester?

How did you choose what to ‘pack’ in your Suitcase?

What do you like about Student Led Conferences?

Cyber Detectives


Last week, together with 3V and 4/5P, we became Cyber Detectives. Cyber Detectives is a program run by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as part of their Cybersmart Programs. Last term an ACMA expert, Lesley, visited and spoke about all the different things we need to do to stay safe online and to be Cybersmart. Becoming Cyber Detectives helped us to practise what we have learned.

We worked in small groups to solve 15 clues. The clues were sent to us in emails. Below is the first clue we received:



Our teachers, people from ACMA and possibly even police officers were our online guides. After we received each clue we emailed our answer or any questions to one of the online guide. The guides kept us on track and helped us work out the mystery.

There were also 15 polls to vote in. The first one is below:



After reading all the clues it turns out that the phone belonged to ‘rolergirl13’ whose real name was Sarah. She had met someone online and agreed to meet them in real life. BUT, the person she was meeting wasn’t who they said they were. Luckily, the children who found the phone did all the right things and a teacher made sure that Sarah stayed safe. Sarah’s parents didn’t know that Sarah had been talking to a stranger online and posting personal information.

Check out the photos, taken by Miss Wills during the session, in the slideshow below. Thanks to Miss Varker and 3V for sharing!



We enjoyed being Cyber Detectives and think that it is a great activity for all upper primary and early secondary students to do. It really makes you think about what you should and should not do online.  Ask your teacher to visit the Cybersmart website and sign up now.  It’s free!  🙂

We would like to thank Mrs Placek for signing us up, our online guides and ‘roving’ helpers.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What do you do to stay safe online?

What information should never be posted online? 

(Don’t write it, just tell us the type.  For example, surname, phone number etc)

iPads at Upper Plenty

Upper Plenty P.S now has ten iPads!! We are beyond excited and looking forward to using them in many different ways. The first app we used was Puppet Pals. Puppet Pals is a story telling app for iPhones, iPods and iPads.



We like using Puppet Pals because it is:

  • Super easy to use
  • Perfect for all year levels
  • Used collaboratively or individually
  • Links to AUSVELS across curriculum areas
  • It’s FUN!

You can create a story with puppet characters or your own photos.  Choose from the backgrounds provided or use your own.



You get to move the characters around, change their size,  change your backgrounds and narrate the show.





Hopefully, we will be able to put some of our Puppet Pals creations on our blog soon!


Why do you like learning with technology?

What are some of your favourite apps? 


End of Term 1

It is hard to believe that Term 1 has finished.  We packed a lot into just under nine weeks and we’ve put together a ‘highlights’ package using PhotoPeach.   Unfortunately, we didn’t have photos of everything.  So, our debates and buddy activities are not included – even though we liked them very much! 


We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.  We hope the Easter Bunny (or Bilby) finds you on Sunday morning! 

What was your Term 1 highlight?

What is your Term 2 wish?


Together Everyone Achieves More!

Together Everyone Achieves More! We have put this saying into action this week and made plans for the year ahead. As a group we have:
* Developed a Class Code of Co-operation
* Set Vision and Mission Statements
* Created a Class Motto
* Selected a Class Mascot
* Set goals for the week and term
* Completed team challenges
* Applied for school and classroom leadership roles

Watch the slideshow below to see examples of the above things. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to view images full screen.

TEAM 2013 by


What is your favourite thing about starting a new school year?

What do think was the most important TEAM activity?  Why?


First Day of Term One

Today was the first day of Term One for the students of 5/6JC.  There were many happy faces as we saw people we hadn’t seen for a while.  It was exciting meeting our classmates, teachers and seeing our new room. 

We’ve organised our books, decided on our Code of Co-operation, set criteria for Five Star Work and settled into our new classroom.  We will post our Code and examples of our work early next week, so stay tuned!

Over the next six days we will continue our T.E.A.M program.  Also during the next week we will write and deliver our speeches for School Captain (Grade 6 only), House Captains (Grade 5 & 6) and ICT Captains (Grade 4 & 5 only).  The elections will be on Wednesday.  On Friday there will be a special assembly and the Captains will be presented with their badges and certificates.  Friday will be a busy day because there is also a whole school picnic (at school) with our family and an open afternoon to show our parents around our classroom.

Check out some photos of our first day in Grade 5/6JC in the slideshow below.


What did you like about being back at school?

What are you looking forward to doing in 2013?


New Blog!

Welcome to our new

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At the moment we are enjoying our school holidays.  We return to school on Thursday 31st January.


What do you like most about holidays?

What have you been doing during the holidays?