Last Post

This will be the last post on this blog as our school year ended in December.  The Grade 6s are off to Secondary School and the Grade 5s will be Grade 6s in 2014.

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our blogging journey in 2013.  You have all helped flatten our classroom walls and we have been able to learn with people all around the world.   We would like to thank all our family, friends and teachers who have visited our blog and left comments for us to read.  It’s been a big year!

We have been very lucky to work with different classes on a number of collaborative projects. We say a HUGE thank you to the teachers and students who have blogged with us throughout the year, especially the following people:

* Mrs Monaghan and Class 2 in England for being our ePals, Skyping with us on several occasions, including singing Christmas carols with us and leaving lots of comments on the blog.

* Mrs S and 4/5DS and 5/6CS in Tasmania for working with us on Artist Trading Cards, The Alien Project and 100 Word Narratives.

* Miss Fraser and the Frole Islanders for the Asia Skype Quiz, 100 Word Narratives and Mystery Excursion.

* Rinku and Vaila in England for teaching us about India.

* Mrs Monaghan, Mrs Todd, Mrs Gioia, Ms Majithia, Ms Williams and their students, along everyone else, who helped us research articles for Global UPdate, our magazine about life and learning worldwide.

The Grade 5s (2014 Grade 6s) and Miss Crowther’s

new blog address is

Please update your bookmarks and links!


Daniel’s 100 Word Challenge – Week #10

This is Daniel’s 100 word challenge entry for Week 10

 The Man in the Lake

When I was walking home from school I saw two legs poking up out of the lake. The legs were wearing denim jeans and gumboots. It was strange, but I kept on walking. When I got home I had my dinner and went straight to bed. The next morning I got up at 6:00, got ready for school and headed off to the lake. The man was still there. Even though he’d most likely be dead, I decided to pull him out anyway. He was very light. It was understandable though because he wasn’t a man, he was a scare-crow!

What do you think could happen next in the story?

100 Word Challenge – Week #10

This week Eve and Daniel are entering Julia Skinner’s 100 Word Challenge.  Every week Ms Skinner sets children from all around the world the challenge of writing a 100 word narrative.  Ms Skinner provides a prompt either in the form of a phrase, couple of key words or a picture.  This week’s picture prompt is below.

This week’s picture prompt for the 100 Word Challenge run by Julia Skinner


100 Word Challenge by Eve
It was a clear, black, night and two boys named Kai and Ryan were toasting marshmallows above a fire. Once it got to about midnight, the boys got out their fishing gear.

‘We’ll catch a big one,’ promised Kai.

Staring into space, Ryan concentrated on the rocky road below him as he trudged down to the creek, hoping for a bite. At 1:00am, he spotted some strange bubbles in the creek. Kai heard a splash and only saw Ryan’s gumboots floating on the water’s surface. Kai dived in after, and not only him, but Ryan too, were never seen again.

What does the picture make you think about?