What A Day!

Today we launched our magazine, Global UPdate. Parents, grandparents, friends and guest speakers joined us from near and far to hear about how we wrote our articles, what we learnt and to get their copy of the magazine.  We even had two special guests who weren’t actually in Victoria!

Earlier in the week we were interviewed by Amy from the local newspaper and on Tuesday it hit the stands!  Amy came earlier in the term to talk about writing newspaper articles and we used the information to help write our own articles.  It was great to have Amy come back and see the finished product.  The only problem was that the people in the photo below weren’t actually allowed to open the magazines!  And we’ll let you in on a little secret…they’re only the proof copies that the magazine publishers sent to us so Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther could check things.


We wore red to support our chosen charity, Red Cross. Nicole from Red Cross spoke about the work Red Cross does and how our money will help people who have been affected by natural disasters. We learnt about natural disasters this term and were affected by the Black Saturday bushfires, so we were really happy to help such a great cause.

Some of us spoke about how we researched our articles by emailing people at schools around the world.  We explained the process and shared some facts about our articles.  We also had a panel of students who answered questions from the audience on everyone’s behalf.




Mrs Monaghan was a special guest speaker…all the way from England!  It was only 9:15am in Australia but it was 10:15pm on Tuesday night for Mrs Monaghan!  We’re very grateful that she stayed up so she could talk to us about all the great projects we have worked on with her class.  Technology means that we can work and learn with people on the other side of the world and feel like we know them.



Our third guest speaker was Jeremy Scott who is cycling 50 000km around the world to raise money for The Heart Foundation.  At the moment he is in Sydney.  Click HERE to visit his blog and read about his adventures.  Today was a rest day for Jeremy which was lucky for us because he could talk to us!  Jeremy told us about the things he has seen on his adventure.  In one photo there is an ‘elephant’ road sign!  He has cycled in temperatures of -20 degrees and met bears.  Sometimes it has been really hard to keep going, but he does.  His trick is to think of a hard thing he has done in Turkey and remind himself that nothing is as bad as Turkey.  Jeremy is nearly at the end of his trip as he only has about 5000km left to ride.



At the end of the launch we finally got to see a copy of the magazine and it was AWESOME!  We ate red velvet cupcakes, red grapes, red apples and red lollies whilst we read our articles.



We all enjoyed sharing our magazine with our family and friends.  We hope we get to write one next year!

What was the most important thing you learnt from publishing the magazine?

If you wrote a magazine, what would you make it about?


5 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. What a launch it was too! I have never been in the same room as so many published authors! Not only was it amazing to see the fantastic job the children had done to produce such an informative magazine (from research to final product), but to hear the reflections from the children on what they had learnt about the process and working collaboratively. Such a brilliant way to connect learning with the outside world! Well done everybody involved in the process!

    Nicole Kanderovskis

  2. Dear Miss Crowther and 5/6 C
    What an incredibly exciting end to your term – well done on completing a magnificent project in time for your deadline; I know how much hard work has gone into this and how hard you have all worked to make it a success. You should be tremendously proud of yourselves!
    I would like to say a big thank you to all the students in 5/6 C for working with us this year, it has been a huge pleasure to share so much with you and we hope that we shall continue to collaborate in the future.
    Enjoy your break!
    Mrs Monaghan

  3. Dear Miss Crowther and 5/6 C
    This must have been an exciting day for all the published authors. What a great way to celebrate with Red and all those red foods! My students are anxiously awaiting seeing a copy of the magazine when we return to school in early January.

    Being able to use your contacts around the world must have also been an exciting adventure when you actually got a response from them to help you in your research.

    How many copies did you end up ordering? Was your whole school excited about your project? Did the newspaper publish an article about it? We’d love to see that if they have.

    When will you be returning to school? Enjoy your summer break and Christmas. Have a Happy New Year too.!

    • Hello Mrs Todd,

      Yes, it was a great way to celebrate everyone’s hard work. The red food was a bit of fun too! We also had strawberry milkshake ingredients but I forgot to make them – whoops!!

      Your copy of Global UPdate is somewhere between here and North Carolina. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed publishing it. You’re right – it was exciting when we got a response from someone overseas so we could write the article. We tried to use every response we got but some arrived after the deadline. We still enjoyed reading the emails but couldn’t use the information in the articles.

      In the end, we ordered 100 copies. There are about 25 left to sell still. The newspaper came out to visit and we ended up on page 3 of the local paper. There’s a photo of the article in the blog post. I should have put a copy in with your magazine too but I didn’t think of it at the time.

      We are back at school at the end of January. Hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break too.

      Miss Crowther 🙂

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