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Yesterday was our last session of ‘Split Maths.’  This year, on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have split into three different maths groups to work on the areas of number and algebra.  Mrs Placek takes one group, Mr J takes another and Miss Crowther takes the third group.  There are students from 4/5P and 5/6JC in each group.

All groups have been focusing on problem solving for the past fortnight.  We have solved word problems and number sentence problems with missing numbers.  Yesterday was used our problem solving skills and logical reasoning when we played some games.  Some students were surprised to discover that playing board games needs you to think strategically and logically – just like a mathematician!



Sudoku (above) is a Japanese game that requires lots of logic.  You can use numbers or symbols.  The aim of the game is to position the numbers or symbols so that there is only one of each in every row, column and box.  It’s harder than it sounds!

We played another game where we had to create number sentences. The ‘=’ sign shows equivalence which means that the equation on each side of the sign must equal the same amount.

What equation could go in the missing spaces to make the number sentence true?

Do you have a favourite maths game? 

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  1. When my children were little their grandmother would play lots of card games with them like Fish, Snap, Polka and 21. They had very good number skills at school and I think that alot of this came from the number thinking that you have to do when you play these games. They could recognise numbers and add and subtract very well.

    Mrs Laffan

  2. Dear 5/6 JC,
    We enjoyed looking at your math games. The Sudoku game looks like a lot of fun. Are there other games that you like to play? We are currently working on making our own math games. The fourth graders are creating multiplication games and the fifth graders are creating games using fractions, decimals, and percents. Would you like to see some of our games when they are finished?

    Mrs. Vazquez’ fourth and fifth graders

    • Hello Mrs Vazquez and fourth and fifth graders!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog. There are quite a few card games we like to play in maths. Have you heard of ‘2 more, 2 less?’ – it’s one of our favourites. Perhaps we will make a video explaining it and then you could play too! What card games do you like to play?

      We would love to see your maths games when you have finished making them. What is your blog address? Last year when we were learning about procedural texts we made board games with instructions and sent them to another school to test for us. It was lots of fun. Can’t wait to see your finished games!

      Keep in touch!
      Miss Crowther 🙂

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