Global UPdate!

This term one of our main focuses has been to publish a magazine comparing similarities and differences of countries around the world.  And…we’ve done it!  We’ve called our magazine Global UPdate.  The ‘UP‘ is for Upper Plenty.  Our magazine has articles about life all around the world.  From Germany to Tokyo and England to Canada we’ve got it covered.

We worked in teams to write the articles about all sorts of things, including literacy, foods, favourite things, numeracy, schools, fun and games, natural disasters, hobbies, sports and animals.

After weeks and weeks of planning and gathering information through emails and Skype we finally finished our articles!  As we type this post they are being processed at the publishing company.  The company sent us two ‘proof’ copies so that we could check that the layout is perfect and there are no spelling errors or typing mistakes.  We get one more chance to see our updated proofs.


The Front Cover

Once we have approved the new proofs the company will print 100 copies of our magazine!  We have decided to sell them for $15 each. We have to pay the publishing company and would like to raise some money for a charity.  Any profits made will go to Red Cross.  This charity was chosen because they support children all around the world and children all around the world helped us write our articles.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the magazine.  We are looking forward to seeing our published magazine soon!  If you would like to order a copy, please leave your details in a comment below, use the contact form (under ‘Contact’ at the top of the screen) or drop into the School office.

If you wrote a magazine, what would you write about and why?

What magazines do you enjoy reading?  Why?


5 thoughts on “Global UPdate!

  1. We can’t wait to see your magazine. We liked the title of it. Did you have fun doing it? What was the most surprising thing you learned? What would you change about the project and would you do it again? Would you recommend doing a magazine to other students?

    • Hi Mrs Todd,

      I’m glad you like the title of our magazine. It was hard to think of one that described the magazine, but we think Global UPdate describes it well and we like the link to Upper Plenty too.

      I think perhaps the most surprising thing I learnt was that children in Germany play outside when there is snow on the ground. At our school we have ‘Wet Day Timetables’ if it is wet. I laughed when I heard that students in Germany still play soccer on the snow and the ball just moves a lot slower. Do you ever get snow where you are in America?

      If we did the project again (and I think we will!) I’d like to involve even more schools and countries. I would absolutely recommend publishing a magazine to other teachers and students. We have learnt a lot, not only about what it is like to live and learn in another country, but how to write articles, proofread and the whole magazine publishing process. We are now using our maths skills as we collate orders, pay our publishing company and send the profits to Red Cross. It’s also been great for team work and organisational skills. I’ll definitely be publishing another one in the future.

      We’ll send yours to you as soon as possible!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

    • Hi Mrs Todd,

      The magazine project was loads of fun, I hope you enjoy reading it as mush as we liked creating it!

      The most surprising thing that I learnt was that when Madison and I were publishing our “step into school and see…” article, we found out that Germany has a lot of snow. Instead of staying inside like a wet day timetable, they would go outside with their snow gear, some would make snow men, some would play soccer (even though it would be snowing – the ball just wouldn’t move as fast) and I think others ski or toboggan?!

      I would definitely recommend this project to be done again. So much effort was put into the magazine and it very much paid off! 🙂

      Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Hello Everyone,
    Have you gotten to see your magazine yet? I bet you are very proud to be contributors and authors for this project. We can’t wait to see it either. I’m sure you have been working hard to end your term.
    We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy your summer break. It’s on and off here now with weather. Some days sunny and bright blue skies but cold and windy. Morning temps this week were 24, 27 degrees F. Afternoon temps. around 45. Then another day may be cloudy, dreary and rainy/cold rain or it may seem warmer depending on fronts. It might even get in the 60’s some days. The students got a kick out of seeing Santa on a surf board and wearing shorts and shirt this week when we looked at holidays and celebrations around the world.

    • Hello Mrs Todd and students,

      Merry Christmas to you all as well! We finish school on Friday for our summer break. Some of us will be heading of to Secondary School and some of us will be staying at UPPS for our last year at primary school.

      Thank you for all your comments on our blog this year and working with us to write the magazine. Today was the first time we got to see our magazine and it was VERY exciting. They’ll be a post about it soon so you can see some photos of the day. Miss Crowther is going to post you a copy in the holidays.

      Take care,
      Miss Crowther & 5/6JC

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