Edublog Awards

Nominations for Edublog Awards are open.

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging and social media.  It’s tough to decide who to nominate because you can only nominate one blog for each category and there are many, many super blogs to choose from worldwide!

*drum roll*

Our nominations are:

Best New Blog: Mrs Placek & 4/5P, Australia


Best Class Blog: Mrs Monaghan & A Room with A View, England


Best Group Blog: Mrs Todd & Going Global, USA


We think that the above bloggers do a great job keeping their blog up to date with interesting, interactive posts.  They are also very good at replying to the comments we leave on their blogs.

Instructions on how to vote will be announced by the Edublog team once nominations close.  Good luck everyone!

What do you think makes a good blog?


3 thoughts on “Edublog Awards

  1. Dear Miss Crowther & UPPS
    It is so exciting to be nominated, a huge thank you! It has been wonderful working with you this year on different projects, and our work on Australia has really been brought to life by our joint projects on Flat Stanley and e-pals, as well as having the opportunity to Skype with you. And we still have carols with Australia to look forward to! Thank you for all your hard work and energy to make things happen, and we look forward to many more exciting collaborations.
    Mrs Monaghan

  2. Thank you for the nomination for best group blog. It is so exciting to collaborate with others around the world and work on projects together. Over the few years I’ve been blogging I’ve learned as much as the students and witness them becoming so excited to talk with other students through Skyping, read the same books and blog about them, Flat Stanley and the post card project and our project this year about Schools Around the World fit in so much with what others were learning about. We appreciate all of your help in teaching us about schools in Australia and we look forward to reading your post several times a week.

    It’s also great to be nominated. It was a surprise! We. agree with you on your other nominations. They are both wonderful blogs and so many interesting projects.

    We look forward to more projects with classes the rest of our school year. I know you will soon be ending your school year but we look forward to seeing what your knew group will be doing.

    Thank you again.

  3. Hello 5/6JC

    We were very excited to be nominated for Best New Blog. We love blogging and talking to people from all over the world (and from waaaayyy over the other side of the school!) It helps us to learn new things and get into contact in other ways, like email, Skype and Twitter.

    Thanks again.
    From 4/5P

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