We’re Moving

It’s been a week of packing and moving in 5/6JC.  We’ve moved out of our classroom and into a temporary room for a few weeks.  Our old classroom is going to be transformed into an art room.  The carpet has already been removed and even a wall knocked down!

From this…


Our classroom at the start of the year



To this…

Our classroom today



Our old classroom is not the only room having a makeover.  The old art room and library (a double portable) will be transformed into classrooms for 2014.   All being well, we should get to move in before the end of the year.  We can’t wait!


What would your ideal classroom look like? 

What would it have in it?


8 thoughts on “We’re Moving

  1. Thank you very much for all of your help to transfer your room temporarily. You did it so well and so efficiently. We have had lots of practice over the last couple of years with moving and rearranging the school. I think this is one of the last big moves we will have for some time. I feel more like a project manager and builder lately than a prinicpal!!! It will be worth it when the rooms are complete.

    Mrs Laffan

  2. Sounds like you move around a lot. Teachers often move at our school to new grade levels and end of moving stuff in August before school starts when they are assigned a different grade level because our school has three halls like a capital E. The bottom hall (on the E) is the blue hall for second/third grade. The middle is kindergarten/first and is the green hallway. The top is fourth /fifth and is the orange hallway. The side is called Main Street and has the cafeteria, gym, restrooms, computer lab, media center, offices– principal, curriculum-reading/math/guidance office. We are only 7 years old so we don’t have remodeling going on.
    Are you getting new buildings or just redoing old spaces and changing spaces around?

    • Hi Mrs Todd,

      I think you’ve described your ‘E’ perfectly – I can picture it really well. I’m picturing a very big building to fit all the classes and rooms in. I like the name ‘Main Street.’ Who came up with it?

      Our school is perhaps a bit unusual in that we have had two new permanent buildings over the past four years with a total of seven classrooms. Before that, all classrooms were in portable buildings which are craned in and out of school grounds. Now we only have three portables left; one we used to be in, one we will move into and one we are ‘camping’ in at the moment. No new buildings have arrived, we are just doing up the old ones. New paint, flooring, shelving. Can’t wait to see it all finished!! The building works have started now in order to hopefully be done before the end of our school year at the end of December. Then, like you, we will move things before the new school year starts.

      Take care,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  3. Dear 5/6 JC
    I bet you’re looking forward to getting your new classroom – how exciting! We’d like to say a really big thank you for the video of your school that you made for us, although I have to say it made us rather jealous!
    We would LOVE to have so much playground equipment, we would LOVE to have climbing frames and slides to play on, we would LOVE a gazebo (to shelter from the rain, not the sun!) but most of all, we would LOVE to find lizards in our grounds!!! WOW! We reckoned that we would spend our entire time looking for exciting creatures in the undergrowth!
    The only thing we thought that we were luckier with was… your pie warmer. We get a whole kitchen cooking fresh school dinners which are hot, nutritious and delicious!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make the video and share with us.
    Your friends and e-pals,
    Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

    • Hello Mrs Monaghan and A Room with A View,

      Glad you liked the video! We thought it was the next best thing to visiting us and seeing it for yourselves. If only England was closer!! We hope it helped you with your ‘Australia’ unit and helped you picture an Australian school. Of course, not all Australian schools are the same, but the ones near us look a lot like ours. There are bigger ones in the city and they look a bit different.

      We have a confession…the blue tongue lizard in the video wasn’t actually found at school. BUT, we do get them in the yard from time to time. There used to be one that lived near a wood pile. One day he must have muddled up his timing because he found himself in the yard at playtime. The children thought it was wonderful. He didn’t! I remember getting a cardboard box, herding him into it and moving him to safety. Do you get any animals in your yard?

      We LOVE the idea of a whole kitchen cooking school dinners (we call them lunches). We get excited about hot lunch days once a term and to have a cooked meal everyday is something we would love!

      Your friends and ePals,
      Miss Crowther and 5/6JC

      P.S: Thank YOU for your help with the magazine articles. It’s at the printers now and should be back soon. There are photos of school yards from six different countries…no lizards though!

  4. Hi Miss Crowther and 5/6JC

    Moving classrooms is never fun. Hope that when it is all finished the moving in happens easily. We are having a demountable classroom added to our school at the moment. We are also hoping that it will be ready to use soon.

    Mrs S

    • Hi Mrs S,

      Somehow I think the move into the new classroom will be a lot more exciting than the move out of the old one! Our temporary classroom is well, rather cosy, so when we get to move into the new one, we will really appreciate the space!

      Hope your demountable is ready soon and your move goes smoothly. Who will use it? If you are getting another room, does it mean that your school is growing?

      Miss Crowther

  5. Ms. Crowther and Students,
    If you go on Google earth and type in 500 North Rocky River Road you will see the outside of our school and get a better visual of the E from the outside.

    How many students do you now have in your whole school? If you have added rooms I’m assuming you are growing. We grow every day and then we lose a student or two when families move into another district.

    Good luck with the move. We loved the video you sent us and we really liked the covered play areas. When it’s hot we don’t have any shade. They tried putting up a canopy but it’s not over the play area.

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