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Earlier this term our friends Mrs Smith and 4/5DS in Tasmania sent us the first 100 words of a narrative.  Our job?  To write the ending in 100 words.  We did a similar project in Term 2 with Frole Island, except we wrote the first part of the story and they finished it.  Click HERE to read our Term 2 narratives.

The Frole Islanders thought the ending was harder to write than the beginning.  So, we were keen to test out the theory and we AGREE!  We had a great time thinking of possible endings and wonder if they are the endings the original authors had in mind?  Our endings are written in purple.


Do you think the beginning or ending of a narrative would be harder to write? Why?

7 thoughts on “The End

  1. Hi 5/6JC

    We had a great time reading the endings to our stories when Mrs S received the email with them attached. All of us were interested to see if the stories would end as we imagined they might or whether they would be very different. We all enjoyed your inventive endings and were amazed at the creative twists that you gave to our story starts.

    We have shared our stories on our class blog
    as well and there are some comments from our class as well.

    Thanks very much for collaborating with us.

    Mrs S and 4/5DS

    • Hi Mrs S and 4/5DS,

      I enjoyed writing the ending of your stories.

      We should do this another time. Maybe with a twist!?

      Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Hi everyone,

    Wow those endings are very creative! I don’t think I could come up with something as clever as some of those endings. All I can say is good job


  3. Hello 5/6 C
    We think writing the ending would be the hardest because when you do the beginning you can decide the characters and setting. When you do the end you have to make it go with something someone else started. Perhaps next time you can try doing beginning, middle and end and do three schools. Wonder what would be the easiest and hardest then? Is it easier to write a story that is realistic fiction or science fiction or historical fiction? Is it harder to write about something you don’t know about for example, if someone wrote a story about the kangaroo and koala and then the story went to the UK or America where these animals aren’t found would it be difficult to continue the story?

    • Hi Mrs Todd,

      We completely agree with your reasons about why the ending is harder than the beginning because of finishing something someone else started – this was a very common comment in 5/6JC. Some of the students had to write about ideas they weren’t familiar with and it was tricky. It certainly made us think!

      Personally, I find science fiction the hardest of the fictions to write. I love reading historical and realistic fiction, which is probably why I enjoy writing them as well. Do you have a preference?

      I hadn’t thought of doing a beginning, middle and end with three schools. But, now you mention it I think we should give it a shot!!! You in?

      Happy Blogging!

      Miss Crowther

  4. I came to your site through Mrs Monaghan, I can see why she likes what you do. These 100 word starts/ends are an excellent idea, I very much liked the stories when the writer managed to fit in a twist.

    • Hi Mr E,

      Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. We love learning with Mrs Monaghan through the class blogs and different projects.

      Glad you liked our 100 word stories. We agree that it is good to have a twist at the end.

      Hope you visit again!

      Miss Crowther & 5/6JC

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