Halloween Fun!

Today is Halloween.  Halloween happens every year on 31st October.  Some countries celebrate it and some don’t.  It is a bit of a strange thing to celebrate because it is dedicated to remembering the dead (well, according to Wikipedia).  People dress up as ghosts, witches, zombies and lots of other things.  People go ‘Trick or Treating’ in the evenings; door knocking and collecting treats.  Sometimes people play tricks on people if there are no treats.

We had a Halloween – a – thon at school today.  We dressed up, completed an obstacle course and had a sausage sizzle organised by our Family and Friends Group.  We could get sponsors to sponsor each lap of the obstacle course and raise money for our school.  The amazing thing is that we also get a prize if we raise lots of money.  It’s a win, win!

We’d like to thank the Family and Friends group for organising such a fun filled day.


Do you celebrate Halloween? Why/Why not?

What does Halloween mean to you?

4 thoughts on “Halloween Fun!

  1. It looks like you had a great day. I wish I could have been there. It looked more interesting than my meeting 🙁 I think the the FAF parents who organised this did a wonderful job again and I hope that you remember to thank them when you see them around the school!
    I never celebrated Halloween was I was a child. I have really only been part of it in the last couple of years since I moved into the main township of Whittlesea. I am not sure how I feel about it really, but I do enjoy seeing the children out and having fun. I look at it as another opportunity to get together and laugh.

    Mrs Laffan

  2. Dear 5/6 @ UPPS,
    It looks like you had a lot of fun with your Hallowe’en activities – your costumes are fabulous!
    We loved sharing the Skype with you on Thursday morning, and it was just wonderful to see & hear our e-pals & our Flat Stanley partners! Thank you to everyone who took part, or sent video messages for us, and thank you for coming back in at the end of a long day to chat with us – we really appreciated it!
    Kind regards,
    Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

    • Hello Mrs Monaghan,

      We should be thanking YOU for coming into school during your half term break!! We really appreciated the effort you all went to, especially as your holiday sleep in was postponed to another day!

      It was great meeting our flat friends and ePals. It sounds like our flat people are having a wonderful time with you – infact so much fun they might not want to come back to Australia!

      Hope you enjoyed the rest of your break!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  3. Hi everyone,

    Yeah, I do celebrate Halloween and I celebrate it for the lollies! Halloween means to me that I can get lollies.
    I like Halloween but my brother doesn’t so I sometimes have to miss out.

    From Zach

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