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On Thursday night we shared our art with family and friends at our Art Exhibition. The central learning space was transformed into a gallery full of everyone’s art work from the year. It all looked incredible! We would like to thank Mrs Lewis (our wonderful art teacher) for helping us to create such fabulous pieces of work and displaying them so creatively. We love art!

You can see some of the art on display in the slideshow below.



 What do you like most about art?

 Have you been to any other exhibitions? 


10 thoughts on “Art Exhibition

  1. Hi 5/6s
    I’m glad so many of you seemed to enjoy the art show it was a great night and you have lots to be proud of. I like how art can take many forms like sculpture and visual arts. I also like how art is subjective, what I like might not please someone else and vice versa. I do like art that is realistic looking although I do like the wires raptures some of you have made that take the form of athletes. Keep enjoying the art program and let your creativity shine!

  2. Hi everyone,

    It sounds like everyone who came to the art show enjoyed it. From word of mouth, others were saying it was probably the best art exhibition we ever had at the school. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the art show because I had Dancing all evening. 🙁

    My favourite thing about art is that there is no right or wrong in your creativity. If you draw a line , what ever you do next is completely unpredictable. There are so many things you can do in art – some of them aren’t even invented yet.

    I have been to previous Upper Plenty Primary School Art Shows and also Exhibitions in the city such as the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show, The Home Exhibition and others.

    Keep enjoying art and well done Mrs Lewis for running the wonderful art show- you did a great job!

    Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Dear 5/6JC,
    It seems like you have a very creative school! I loved looking at the pictures of your art exhibition, and what I particularly liked was the way it showed art from across your whole school, from littlies right up to the oldest children, in all different forms – including sculpting and 3D, and showing a wide range of techniques. It all looked very colourful! I agree with Chelsea that one of the best things about art is that there is no right and wrong, it’s about your own individual interpretation – we started our year in Art by reading a book called ‘Ish’ by Peter Reynolds, which is helping us not to compare our work with others, but appreciate it for its own merits.
    Lovely work, well done – and what a great idea to have an exhibition so parents can share and enjoy, too.
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for your comment! We really enjoy people from other schools commenting!

      We had lots of fun making our art for the art show. Our art teacher likes to put all of our school’s art together, to show our creativity.

      We also had an abstract piece of art witch was interactive, so we all could have some fun making and moving art.

      I would like to see your school’s art sometime!!


  4. I thought that the art show was amazing again! It is a credit to the creativity, talent and enthusiasm of all students and our wonderful art teacher. It was great to see so many people at the school at one time enjoying the work. I liked the addition of the grade one singers as well. I thought that it was a good idea having the hands on section where children could touch and play with the art work.
    All up another amazing UPPS experience!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I didn’t go but by just watching the video it looked awesome! I think it would have been more awesome by just going there and looking at all the cool artwork!:)

    My favourite bit is the penguins because I liked how they actually put ice on the nice blue material. Also, how they made the penguins and that they tried to make females and males and the paper snow flakes hanging from the top of it!!!

    Bye for now

  6. Hi everybody,

    The thing I loved most about the art show was the penguins. All of the other exhibits were great too. Unfortunately I was sick so I didn’t get to see them in person.

    Bye for now!

  7. Hi,

    I love art and I always will there are so many things I like about it but my favourite thing in art would have to be painting portraits and sculpting.

    I think the only art exhibitions I’ve been to are the ones here at UPPS.

    Bye for now,
    Happy blogging,
    From Madison

  8. Dear 5/6

    We like the most about art:
    Ashleigh: I like the sand castles
    Hayley: I like art because it is exploring stuff
    Sasha: I like art because some art is famous
    Alliana: I liked the penguins
    Brooke: I like the clowns
    Bethany: I like art because it teaches you how to make stuff
    Trent: I liked the clowns
    Jessica: the snowman
    Jayde: I liked the lanterns

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