It’s a Disaster!

This term we are learning about natural disasters around the world.Β  Our key questions are:

  1. How have landscapes been effected by extreme weather?
  2. How have human activities caused erosion of the Earth’s surface?
  3. What are the characteristics of natural disasters?
  4. How is science used to manage natural disasters?


Our flipped homework is to watch the video clip below. It comes from National Geographic Kids website.


Click on the image to watch the video


Part of our flipped homework is to write a quiz question about the video clip in a comment on this post. We also have to answer a question someone else has already asked.


What did you learn from the video clip?

Can you think of other natural disasters?

23 thoughts on “It’s a Disaster!

  1. I thought the video clip was excellent, very informative. I have often heard of ‘The Ring of Fire’ but never reaslised that it was related to the position of the volconoes in that area. I also thought it was interesting that lava is magna once it leaves the volcano. the other thing I found amazing was the speed that lava can go when it is blow out of a volcano. Do you remember how fast that was?

    I hope you all enjoy this term’s theme. Natural disasters are extremely interesting and the facts that you can learn are mind blowing at times.

    Have fun
    Mrs Laffan

  2. Hi everyone!

    I learnt from the video clip that an average of 90 people get killed a year from Tornadoes and that around Texas (in the USA) is where most of the Tornadoes hit in America.

    Some other disasters are:

    Bushfires (Mostly in countries like Australia) or House Fires (Common everywhere)
    Landslides (In snowy countries like Russia and Canada)
    Volcanic Eruptions


    P.S Have YOUR FAMILY ever been involved with a natural disaster before?

    • Hi Eve,

      Natural disasters are certainly very destructive aren’t they? I wonder if people living in Texas get used to the threat and risk of tornadoes. I suppose their houses are built with bunkers to help keep them safe.

      In Australia, the closest natural disaster my family and I have ever experienced is Black Saturday. At one point the fire was heading straight to my parent’s house. However, luckily there was a wind change. I know lots of people from our school were affected and some very badly.

      When I was little living in Hong Kong there were several typhoons. When there were signal 8 typhoons, schools were closed. Signal 10 typhoons are the worst and there were about three of them. We had to put the shutters down and stay inside. I never felt scared, perhaps I was too young to really understand the danger? I think if it happened now I would be a bit nervous.

      Do you think all natural disasters are equally dangerous?

      Miss Crowther πŸ™‚

  3. Hi 5/6JC,

    I learnt that when a tornado is near you should get to a basement or first storey bath tub.

    Other natural disasters are:

    How many people are killed in America each year by a tornado?

    From Sam

  4. Dear 5/6JC,
    I enjoyed watching your video about tornadoes, I think it is a fascinating natural phenomenon and quite incredible that it is created in only a certain part of the world when certain weather conditions coincide. Here in the UK are weather is very varied, but rarely deadly. The odd ‘twister’ has been spotted, but they are short-lived and seldom as destructive as those in the US. High winds and heavy rains often cause flooding, but we are lucky not to live in a country where natural disasters occur more frequently.
    Our Harvest Festival last week raised money for a school called Nambikki in India (I know that you did some work on Chembakoli, and this is in the same part of India), which was built following the devastating tsunami of 2006 which wiped out the whole village. Nambikki is near Mettupalayam, (we have a link with the school there) and it means ‘hope’ in Tamil.
    Do you think that Australia has more extremes of weather than the UK? Why do you think this might be?
    Your blogging pal,
    Mrs Monaghan

  5. Miss Crowther and students,
    We have hurricanes around the North Carolina coast that push inward and the worst for us here was Hurricane Hugo. My son got up that morning and said what happened all the trees are down in the yard. Not all came down but many did. Lots of clean up time and days without electricity in many areas. Even hurricanes from the Caribbean and Mexico area can come toward us and affect us. We also have tornadoes around the area but not like they do in other parts of the United States.

    The western states in the United States have lots of fires that cause damage to homes, businesses and forest land.

    The north east has lots of storms- both from hurricanes and snow/wind storms. Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of problems this past year there.

  6. Hi

    I liked the video and I learnt you should go underground or in a bath tub when there is a tornado. I also found out there is a place called Tornado Alley.

    My question is has there been a tornado in Victoria?

    Brodie G

    • Hi Brodie G,

      There has been a tornado in Yarrawonga Victoria in March this year.

      What other towns were effected by the tornados this year in Victoria?

      From Aidan

  7. Hi everyone,

    There are lots of interesting questions that people have asked. My one for you is what is the difference between a Tornado and a Cyclone?

    Lots of natrual disasters happen somewhere around the world every day. Bushfires and Droughts tend to happen in the hot countries like Australia. I found out that Landslides reguly occur on the coasts of Australia. They can occur in other countries as well though.




    Another one is a Earthquake. Earthquakes can be big or small and anywhere in the world.

    Great video choice Miss Crowther!

    Happy Blogging! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  8. Hi,

    I learnt that when a tornado is coming you should go and hide in a first floor bath tub or a basement……. But away from the windows.

    Volcanic eruption

    From Billie πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Mitchell

    During a tornado you should hide in a basement or a first floor bath tub

    My question is how long do tornados last for?

    From Trent

  10. Hi everyone,

    I thought the video was so interesting about how cyclones are made.

    Other natural disasters are floods, bushfires, droughts and volcanos.

    Bye for now

  11. Hi Kiera,

    I agree it was quite interesting how tornadoes are made.

    Other natural disasters are Avalanches, Tsunamis and monsoons.

  12. Hi everyone,

    What I learnt from this video clip is how tornadoes are made and I never knew that people went to search for tornadoes or lightning and studied it.

    There are some floods, earthquakes and fires and those are just some of the Natural Disasters I know.

    From Zach

  13. Hi everyone,

    Twisters are horrible. 90 people die from a twister and there are people that chase twisters. Twisters can get up to 350mph.

    from Brock

  14. Hi,
    I learnt that scientists chase the tornados to study them. There are lots of different natural disasters like volcano eruptions and earthquakes.
    Bye for now,
    From Daniel.

  15. Hello everyone,

    I learnt that scientists will go in a car and follow the tornado to measure the tornado using special tools. My first impression would be to run away from a tornado, not chase it in a car!! πŸ˜‰

    The first natural disaster that comes to my mind that I know of is the bushfires we had in 2009 that killed lots of people.

    That’s all for now!! πŸ™‚
    Bye From Eula πŸ™‚

  16. Hi everyone,

    I saw on the video that some scientists follow tornados around to find out more about the tornados. If a tornado is close you should go in a basement and if you don’t have a basement go upstairs in the bath tub.

    I would not chase a tornado, I would just run away.

    Another natural disaster that I could think of is bushfires and ‘Black Saturday’ 2009

    See you soon πŸ™‚
    Happy Blogging everyone πŸ™‚
    Tanyshah πŸ™‚

  17. Hi everyone,

    I learnt that tornados can last up to any time from 20 seconds to 1 hour.
    Other natural disasters I know are:
    and more…..
    From Madison

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