Sur – prise!!!

It all started when 4/5P and 5/6JC got called over the loudspeaker to go to their classrooms at recess. We were wondering what was happening. We saw the lanyards and thought that we were going on an excursion. We all felt a little bit confused until we saw the Mystery Excursion tickets that said:


We quickly hopped on the bus and had three clues about  the Mystery Excursion. Our first clue was ‘Friends’ and a little while later we got two more clues, ‘Performance’ and ‘100’.  After the clues, people started guessing: King Kong, another primary school, Hoyts or IMAX. We were pretty sure that it was Killara Primary School after we had our third clue. The reason was because we had sent 100 word narratives to Killara PS for them to complete.



When we got there, Miss Fraser greeted us with a bearded dragon (lizard) called Sheldon on her shoulder. Soon we were at her classroom and we met the students who had completed our 100 word narratives. As we were reading our narratives we were wondering if they would finish the way we thought they would. We were surprised at some of the endings!  You can read all of our narratives by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the texts below.  KPS’s endings are in red font.


After that our partners gave us a tour of the school. We were shown the gym and after we had finished we went back to the gym to play Penguin Olympics and Golden Child.

We then went to our last activity for the day which was to watch KPS’s school production, Wiping Out Waste (WOW). It was a good production about how to stop people littering. It was an original musical written by their Performing Arts teacher.

We had a great day and hope to see them again soon!


Have you been to a live performance before?

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Excursion?

What surprised you about KPS?

10 thoughts on “Sur – prise!!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    Have you been to a live performance before?
    Christmas Carols, school plays/performence, Justin Bieber, Reece Mastin and more but we can’t think!

    What was your favourite part of the Mystery Excursion?
    EVERYTHING!!!!! 🙂

    What surprised you about KPS?
    Their school!, how many kids/classrooms, all their playgrounds, their theatre, their gym.

    From Billie and Madison! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    We have been to a live preformance if the circus counts! We really liked the excitement of the mystery excursion, the tour and the performance.

    Sophie, Tahlia, Laikyn

  3. Hey everyone,

    We were all very puzzled when we got called to our classroom and saw the lanyards laid out on our table.

    Eula: I have been to a lot of live performances before, the most recent on being Cavalia, but my favourite one was going to Usher. Cavalia was pretty cool.

    Tanyshah: I have been to a few live performances before.

    Our favourite part of the excursion was getting to meet our blog partners. What suprised us was that their school is a lot bigger than ours and their class pet Sheldon.

    See you soon 🙂

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    From and Eula and Tanyshah! 🙂

  4. Hi it’s Brent!

    It was great going to Killara Primary School. It was great to see their school and see how our school is different. Our 200 word narratives were great. Mine was great and I liked it a lot.

    I want to see them again and their class pet. I hope we go again!!!

    Bye for now
    From Brent

  5. Hello everyone,

    It is Roma and Chelsea here.

    We had an amazing time at Killara PS. Our favourite parts of the experience were when we got a tour of the school and when we watched the little kids perform their part in the ‘WOW’ (Wipe Out Waste) performance.

    We have both been to live productions before. We have both been to Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Hair Spray, Cavalia and we’ve been lucky enough to be in some productions. They include school plays, dance concerts, dance concerts, dance concerts and dance concerts! 🙂

    We hope everyone had as much fun as we had and we were glad to see our blogging buddies face-to-face.

    Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From Roma and Chelsea

    • Hi Roma & Chelsea,

      I have to say, even though my class has been working extremely hard with their production songs, I love seeing the Preps performing their 2 songs the most! I think it is especially cute when they make a conga line with Sam leading them!

      Thank you very much for visiting and watching our production 🙂

      Miss Fraser

  6. Hi everyone,

    The surprise was very surprising! We were so confused about what was going on. We can’t believe our parents kept the secret, our Mum’s normally tell us everything!

    We all agree that our favourite part of the excursion was the performance. We think they did a great job!

    What we found surprising about the school was: It was very big.

    From Paige, Lily and Blaise

  7. Hi 5/6JC,

    Hayden & I both have been to a live performance before.

    My favourite part of the Mystery Excursion was Golden Child & Hayden’s favourite part was nearly falling asleep in the bus on the way back.

    Hayden was surprised at how big their play ground was & I was surprised that they had a canteen.

    From Aidan & Hayden.

  8. Hi, this is Monique!

    Yes, I have been to a live performance before and I think it was really good fun because we had no idea where we were going to and finally we got some clues from Miss Crowther! So when we kept getting clues from Miss Crowther we finally found out where we were going. KILLARA PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!!!! I still can’t believe the mums were hiding it from us. Very naughty!

    Thanks, Monique! :):):)

  9. Hi everyone,

    Wow that day was very confusing because my mum was acting weird. She said pack more food. What suprised me at KPS was probably when I first saw the lizard on the teacher’s shoulder.

    I have been to a live performance before. It was King Kong the music performance. What I liked about KPS was probably the performance.

    From Zach

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