200 Word Narratives

Last week we wrote the first 100 words of a narrative with a partner and then emailed them to our blogging friends at Killara Primary School so they could write the next (and last) 100 words.

We had to make sure that we introduced our characters, setting, some events and the beginning of a problem.  It was quite a challenge to use 100 words exactly.  The title did not count in the final word count.  To make sure we used 100 words exactly we had to spend a lot of time choosing the right words and revising our narratives.  We are looking forward to reading the end of the narratives soon!

You can read the start of some of our narratives below. 


 How would you end the narratives above?

Leave us the first 100 words of a narrative in a comment! 

25 thoughts on “200 Word Narratives

  1. Hi There 5/6JC – I love the idea of sharing a story with another class! I wonder if you have your own story ending ideas to go with your story starts? You did really well to write exactly 100 words, that is not easy! I think that Sam and Ethan are expecting a disaster ending, with total world destruction at the Millenium, and I wonder if in Eula and Tanyshah’s story, our character Luke will end his day in casualty with all his limbs broken, thanks to an ever increasing cast of brothers and sisters?!
    Here’s my 100 word story start.
    It seemed like a pretty normal start to another pretty normal day, but it wasn’t: after all, what could be normal about waking up in the cat basket and wanting fish for breakfast instead of Weetabix? Something was definitely not right. My annoying little sister Beth came into the kitchen, and started… stroking me??? Oh please, NO! It seemed that at some point during the night , I, Jed Stone, had become Tiddles. Hang on a minute! Did that mean that Tiddles was currently inhabiting the body of JED?!!! Jed stalked through the kitchen door and leapt gracefully onto the table.

    Now how do you think I should end it?
    Mrs M

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      I am Chelsea from grade 5/6JC. What a wonderful start to a narrative.

      I was thinking maybe Jed and Tibbles find out about the swap and they ask their mum to go out into the forest and find the ‘Forest Wizard’. That way, your story has a fantasy section as well as a normal person story at the start.

      Hope you like my suggestion and thanks for the comment on our class blog!

      Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      P.S: I have a student blog about countries. Here is the address:

    • Dear Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for your blog comment! Your story was intriguing to listen to and we are very excited to share our 100 word ending with you. We hope you like it!

      “Jed!!” shouted my Mum.
      The cat, which is actually me and my small, squeaky, cat voice, came running to her.
      “Not you Tiddles!” Mum sighed loudly. “We really need to give you some more cat training. Next time maybe I should call Tiddles and Jed will come!”
      I hissed and poked out my tongue in fury.
      “Hmmm… maybe I’ll give it a try….” Mum was away with the fairies. “Tiddles, Jed, come here!”
      My body and I came running at full speed to Mum. I started to scratch at her legs, desperately. Will my life always be turned upside down?!

      Thankyou for giving us a great 100 word story starter!

      Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Eve and Chelsea

      P.S Feel free to visit our blogs:
      Eve: http://eve.global2.vic.edu.au/
      Chelsea: http://chelseasblog.global2.vic.edu.au/. Thanks for my comment!

      • Dear Eve and Chelsea,
        I love your ending! You manage the confusion of the swapped bodies perfectly, and use lovely language to express your ideas – I like your use of adverbs, like desperately, & sighed loudly. I laughed at the bit about needing extra cat training!
        Mrs Monaghan

        • Mrs Monaghan,

          I am glad you like our ending. We found the cat training part funny as well. Your part of the story was very interesting. Where did you get the idea from?

          Thank you for the comment on our class blog

          Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Hi Mrs Monahan,
      This what I think your story should end,
      “Jed what the heck are you doing on the table?” Jed’s mum frantically screamed at Jed.
      “Meow, Meow, Meow,” Jed said on the table.
      I came down the stairs on two legs and asked “Why isn’t my breakfast on the table and why is Jed on the table?”
      Mum looked at us both. She was very confused and worriedly said, “Have you guys changed lives or something?”
      Tiddles, in my body, replied, “Yes, I think we have.”
      Mum passed out.
      I stayed trapped in a cat’s body for the rest of my life. Luckily, I quite like tuna and milk!

      How would you end the story?
      I hope you like my ending of the story?

      From Aidan

      • Aidan, this is so funny! I just love your ending, it made me laugh out loud! You have a really good comic touch. I enjoyed the way you used colloquialisms such as ‘what the heck’ – it made your dialogue seem very realistic.

        A superb ending, I enjoyed EVERY WORD of it!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for the comment on our blog!

      We think that your narrative could end like this:

      My Mum and Dad walked into the kitchen and saw Jed on the table. I walked in through the kitchen door on two feet and sat down at the table. I was kind of happy because Jed (at least his body) had to go to the dentist later today. When Jed and Mum left for the dentist I sat down on the couch and wondered how my life would be as a cat. When Jed and Mum got home they started playing with me. I thought to myself ‘Wow, it’s not that bad to be a cat.’ I was happy!!!

      We hope you like our ending!

      From Mitchell and Zach

      • Dear Mitchell and Zach,
        What a great idea to have the cat do something that Jed hates – I love the idea of a cat in a boy’s body going to the dentist – how did you dream that one up??!! I am so impressed with the originality of all the different story endings, and I like the way yours got a happy ending!
        Magnificent work!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for leaving us the start of a narrative.

      This is what we think you should write next:
      Why was my face starting to get fur on it and growing whiskers on my cat nose? What am I going to do? How did this happen? I’M A 7 YEAR OLD PORTLY CAT THAT DOESN’T GET OUT OF THE BASKET! I’m older than I am… I mean used to be! I need to start thinking about how to fix this problem?! NOOO! I spent the whole day sleeping and getting patted….. I don’t like doing this. I want to be outside with my friends playing basketball or football. That very night I had a mysterious milkshake that made me a human again……

      Hope you like it!
      Billie and Madison

      • Dear Billie and Madison,
        What a great word ‘portly’ is! Where did you come up with that one? You have a fantastic vocabulary. You made me laugh with your age-confusion – and I like the way that Jed (as a cat) keeps his boy-character and doesn’t want to be petted, but wants to be outside playing football!
        I’m going to steer clear of mysterious milkshakes from now on…
        Great work!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hello Mrs M,

      We liked the start of your narrative!

      Here’s how we think it could end:
      “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Screamed Jed’s Mum.
      Jed snarled at my Mum with my pricked ears. He jumped off the table and ran outside on his hands and knees and then shook the tree.
      “PLONK!” A bird’s nest landed straight in front of Jed .
      ‘Breakfast’ thought Jed.
      Jed ate the birds in one big bite. In a flash he ran inside.
      “JED, go have a nap,” said Mum calmly.
      Jed ran upstairs and went to sleep. He then woke up two hours later, coughed up a feather and looked in the mirror. He was in his rightful body.

      What do you think of our ending?

      From Paige and Kiera

      • Dear Paige and Kiera,
        What delightfully gross details you include in just 100 words! I pulled a ‘yuk’ face at the idea of him racing out and eating a bird – it made me think of Roald Dahl, whose books have lots of gross details to delight the reader! I think you give my story a very satisfactory ending, and I especially like your well-crafted last line. What talented writers!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      This is how we think your story could end:
      …And tried to start purring but made a choking sound. Mum came running in and started yelling at what she thought was me but it was Tiddles. Tiddles (in my body) hissed at mum and ran outside. Mum started to yell out and tell him to get ready for school. I came over in Tiddles body dressed in school uniform with cat scratches all over it. Mum started yelling at me this time. I tried to explain but instead of talking I was meowing. Mum went and tried to get Jed. I hopped in the car for school and waited.

      How do you think the story should end?

      From Brodee and Brock

      • Dear Brodee and Brock,
        Great detail with your uniform with cat scratches all over it – I get to really imagine that scene in my head from the marvellous way you describe it. I like the idea of Jed’s body hissing at mum – poor mum! I am beginning to feel very sorry for her!
        Super writing! Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment with all your amazing alternative endings!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs M,

      Thanks for commenting on our blog and leaving us the start of a narrative.

      This is our ending:
      He immediately got pushed off by the eager Beth, wanting to eat her breakfast in peace.
      “No cats on the table,” Beth screeched as she sat down to eat.
      “Ouch,” Jed yelled, “Be careful, you’ll hurt my delicat paws”.
      “Did you just talk Tiddles?” asked Beth.
      Just then, Tiddles rushed into the kitchen, and drank milk out of his dish. Beth stared at what she thought was her brother in astonishment. Why was he doing that?
      “Mum!” Beth yelled, “Jed just drank milk out of Tiddles’ dish. And before that, Tiddles spoke in English”.
      And then their mother came in…

      What do you think happens next?

      From Brodie and Daniel

      • Dear Brodie and Daniel,
        I love the way you continue the confusion, giving the cat boy things to do, while the boy does cat actions – it’s really well thought out! I also like the way that you use Beth as a character and tell the story using her reaction to the change as your focus – a great perspective!
        Wonderful writing! Thank you!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs M,

      Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. We like your narrative. This is how we think it could end:

      “JED GET OFF THE TABLE NOW!!” yelled Mum.
      “Meow.” That’s all that Jed said because cats don’t know how to speak English. Tiddles was trapped in my body! Mum got very cross and helped to get Jed off the table.
      “Meow,” said Jed again with a sad and confused look on his face.
      Mum sent him into his room.
      I just sat in the room doing the usual cat things which was difficult because I don’t have a clue what cats do or how they think…

      What could happend next?

      By Blaise and Monique 🙂 🙂

      • Dear Blaise and Monique,
        Highly amusing! I was intrigued by the thought that, even though Jed was a cat, he didn’t know how to act. I suppose that in my mind, when I had Jed turn into a cat, then he could act like a cat too… I like the fact that your writing has made me think about it differently! You are very clever to give it a different twist like that, and you wrote it in a very funny way, too – well done! I love it!
        Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. It was fun writing the narratives. We like the start of your narrative.
      This is how we think it could end:
      Mum came in the kitchen and said, “Jed get off the table!”
      But Tiddles (in my boy boy) started to walk up to her purring. Jed came up on his two back legs and walked to Mum. Mum was so confused, Jed was trying to talk to her but he was speaking ‘Cat’ and she couldn’t understand him. Jed was trying to explain what happened but Mum could still not understand a word he was saying.
      “Jed time to go to school,” Mum said.
      He couldn’t get dressed. He just started ripping all the clothes. Mum grounded Jed for a month. He has to clean up all the mess.

      In the mean time I was trying to figure out how to write a message to tell Mum what had happened to Tiddles and I.
      I wrote a message on the computer and Mum saw it. She gave us a pill and some very yummy juice. We turned back to normal. But the bad thing is that I am still grounded for a month.

      Do you like our ending? How did you plan to end your narrative?

      From Tanyshah and Eula 🙂 🙂

      • Dear Tanyshah and Eula,
        I LOVE your ending! I LOVE the idea of the cat typing out a message on the computer – I would never have thought of that! It’s great that you have all written such different endings – from the same story start. I get the impression that you are a very imaginative and interesting bunch of learners – lucky Miss Crowther to have such a talented class!
        I laughed at the fact that you gave Jed the cat’s punishment, even after the mystery of the swapped bodies was resolved – how cruel of you!
        Thank you for all your wonderful endings and giving me such an amusing evening, reading them all!
        Mrs Monaghan

  2. Hello everyone,

    Wow, the stories were very creative. I am looking forward to seeing how the other class are going to finish them.

    From Zach. 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey everyone,

    I worked with Eula and our story was called The Worst Day ever. It was very hard to get exactly 100 words, it was really fun though. Today I saw the second half of the story and it is really funny.

    See you soon 🙂

    Happy blogging 🙂

    Tanyshah!! 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I feel sad that I missed out on all the 100 word narratives. I was sick at home when you were doing them. But now I am back and I was at school on the day we went to Killara. My favourite part was the sport games.

    From Daniel.

  5. Hello 5/6 JC,

    After viewing the footage posted above, I can now see why everyone appeared so tired getting off the bus from Killara PS.
    It must have been fun to meet up with your blogging buddies. What a surprise though 😉

    I knew you saw the performance and had a tour, but it looks like you got to play a few games with the KPS students too.

    I have not checked the KPS blog page, but I am wondering if it was also a surprise for them? I am guessing they may have had to prepare for visitors so it m ay not have been …

    A hypothetical question to your class – If another school was attending a mystery excursion, just like yours, and you were the hosts, what would you prepare for them?

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