Miss Crowther’s Flipped It!

It’s official, Miss Crowther has flipped…our classroom!  Together with Mrs Placek, Miss Crowther is becoming a ‘fully flipped’ teacher with the help of the clever people at Sophia.

It means we will be completing tasks at home so that we already know some things about the topic and focus of our face to face lessons.  By preparing for our face to face lessons more time can be spent doing the ‘hard’ stuff at school with our teacher.

The term ‘Flipped Classroom’ is used to describe what we are doing because we have swapped (or flipped!) around what we do at school and what we do for homework.  Traditionally, we started learning something at school and then practised it more at home.  The only problem was, that if we needed help, our teacher wasn’t there to help us.  Now, we can start at home and continue it at school with our teacher.  We can ask questions, work with others and learn in a better way.

At the moment, our flipped learning focuses mainly around writing.  This week, at school we are writing narratives and learning how to use and punctuate dialogue correctly.  So, this week’s flipped homework is to watch the video below made by Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther about using dialogue correctly.

After watching the video we have to check our understanding by completing a quick quiz.  Click HERE to see (and do!) the quiz.  At school Miss Crowther will help us to apply our learning to punctuate dialogue correctly in our narratives.

Has your teacher flipped it?

What do you think of flipped homework?


8 thoughts on “Miss Crowther’s Flipped It!

  1. I think the flipped homework is a marvellous idea and I am really interested in having some conversations with you about it after you have tried it for a while. It makes a lot of sense that you capitilise on the face to face time with your teachers by coming to class prepared! I think I might be a flipped convert!

    Mrs Laffan

    • Hi Mrs Laffan,

      I don’t know if I like the flipped homework because our main computer doesn’t have sound. But, we have a laptop and a tablet which both have sound.

      From Trent

    • Hello Mrs Laffan,

      I agree with you about flipped homework becaucse it is marvellous. So, I reckon that we should get more!

      From Matthew

  2. Hi Miss Crowther,

    I do reckon you have flipped it and I absolutely have no idea if I like the flipped writing coz I don’t like homework full stop! But I love the video that you and Mrs Placek made because it was enjoyable.

    Thanks Billie!

    • Hi Billie,

      Yes, it would seem I have flipped!

      Homework has its advantages and disadvantages. However, overall I think it has more good things than bad. I am enjoying the flipped homework because I get more time in class to work with you all. Making the video was also a bit of fun and I am pleased to hear that you found it enjoyable. Did you also find it helpful?

      If you were in charge of homework, what would you plan? And yes, there has to be some!!

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  3. Hi 5/6JC,
    My comment is not about flipped homework although I did like your “Muppet” style video Miss Crowther.
    I just wanted to thank the five students who made me some very lovely “thankyou” cards.
    Matthew and Trent, I absolutely love the way the fence pops up when you open the card.
    Madison and Billie, I love the tiny little bits of paper that make up my name on the front.
    Aidan, I love the vibrant colours and your precision in cutting out the letters of my name.
    All in all, I can see that you have put a lot of effort in to making these cards and it blew me away when I first saw them.
    It was a pleasure to be with you all at camp, you are all a great bunch of kids!

  4. Hi everyone,

    Uou have definitely flipped it this week, Miss Crowther! As Billie said, it was a very good production made by you and Mrs Placek. It was also good that you put previous knowledge we knew into the Vimeo. For example, you wrote about camp (or should I say Mr Froggy did!) and you put a wonderful simile in the text.

    Well done this week on making an excellent Vimeo!

    Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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