Metaphorically Speaking…

This week we have been having fun with similes and metaphors.  As part of our Flipped Homework we watched a video explaining each term.  You too can watch it HERE.

We are learning about similes and metaphors so that we can use them in our own writing, especially our narratives.  Today we read a book by Ferg McKinnon and Kim Gamble called ‘A Bee in Ben’s Bonnet.’   It was very cleverly written and full of metaphors.   Even though the title is about ‘bees in a bonnet,’ Ben is not wearing a hat and there are no bees in the story.  If you have a ‘bee in your bonnet’ it means that you are upset or annoyed about something.  Ben is upset that no one seems to have remembered his birthday.


A metaphor is an expression or ‘figure of speech.’  The words used do not have their usual literal meaning.  For example, ‘The apple of my eye’ is a metaphor used to describe someone very special.  It does not mean that the person has an apple in their eye.

Here are some of the metaphors used in the book:

We think the book is ‘The bee’s knees’, ‘The cat’s pyjamas’ and as good as gold!

 Can you work out the meaning of the metaphors?

What metaphors have you heard?  Used? Like?


3 thoughts on “Metaphorically Speaking…

  1. There are so many metaphors that I use I don’t know where to start…. I remember once when I was teaching a younger grade and I said ‘”Okay everyone. It’s time to “pull up your socks and get stuck into your work!” Pull up your socks means get on with it and start doing what you need to. When I looked around the grade I had several children bent over pulling their socks as far up their legs as they could!

    Mrs Laffan

  2. Hi everyone,

    That was a funny book! It was a really good book to listen to and get to learn more about metaphors.

    Bue for now.

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