House Hockey

Over the past couple of weeks, students in Grades 3 – 6 have been participating in a House Hockey Tournament at lunch times. Miss Kenny and Mr J helped the House Captains organise the tournament. The two finals were played last week.


You can check out the action and find out the final results in the video below.


Thank you Miss Kenny, Mr J and the House Captains for organising a great tournament. We can’t wait to for the next one!

What is your favourite sport?

Have you ever played in a final?  Tell us about it!

4 thoughts on “House Hockey

  1. Hi,

    Paige and Lily here!

    Paige’s favourite sport is hockey! Lily’s favourite sport is swimming.

    Lily hasn’t played in a final before. Paige has played in a final for the school hockey.

    Congratulations YELLOW for winning The Grand Final against Red House. Good game RED!!!

    Love Paige and Lily 🙂

  2. Thank you to Miss Kenny an Mr J and the house captains for their work in organising the Hocky tournament. We are very lucky with all of the options that we have for our lunchtime activities.

    My favourite sport when I was at school was netball. I wasn’t very good and didn’t get to play very often. My friend convinced me to join a team when I was about 32 and we made it to the grand final! Our team won but I don’t think it had much to day with me. I did feel very proud of the trophy!

    Mrs Laffan

  3. Hi there,

    My favourite sport is probably AFL/football but I don’t play sport that much. I have never been in and never played in a final before.

    From Trent

  4. Hi everyone,

    Hockey was fun even though it was difficult to make up the team sheets. But we did! I’d like to say thank you to everyone that played hockey. You helped with no fighting over the ball and you didn’t go too rough at eachother. There were no injuries during the tournament which was excellent.

    I’vee played in one grand final which was the hockey tournament.

    I look forward to the soccer tournament.

    Thank You from Brodee!!

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