Meeting Miss Fraser

Last week we had a special visitor.  Miss Fraser from Frole Island dropped in for a quick visit.  We have met Miss Fraser via Skype twice but never ‘for real’.  The first time we met was during a Mystery Skype and the second time was for our Asia Skype Quiz.  It was very exciting to meet a blogging friend face to face.

We know that we have to be very careful when we meet someone in real life that we have only ever met online.  However, meeting a teacher from Skype is very different to just meeting ‘anyone.’


Meeting Miss Fraser


Miss Fraser was a special guest at our Student Blogging Club.  Later this term Miss Crowther is going to visit Frole Island.  Miss Fraser and Miss Crowther are also working on a special surprise for their students.  We wonder what it could be…

What do you think is the special surprise?


3 thoughts on “Meeting Miss Fraser

  1. Hi everyone!

    I think the surprise will be that the students will get to meet each other for a day and we will compete in challenges against each other. If it happens, I hope we win!


  2. Hi 5/6CJ,

    Thanks for letting Chris and I visit last week! I had a great time (and I know Chris did too). I enjoyed meeting you in your classroom – you have a beautiful view of the hills where you are and I’m quite jealous.
    I also enjoyed visiting the Blogging Club and I’m going to try to replicate this at my own school.
    I was thinking about “meeting someone you met online in real life” and what a bad idea it is. It is fantastic to see that you understand that this is not a “blanket rule” and that Miss Crowther and I made sure we knew each of us were who we said we were before agreeing to meet. We also met in a public place (your school) where there were plenty of witnesses (you!)
    I know what our surprise is but I will not reveal my secrets! Hopefully you will all love it.

    Hope to speak to you soon,
    Miss Fraser 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I think it could be another mystery skype but a bit different or mabye we will do something with their class. I am really keen to see what it is or maybe it’s a class treat. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be great!

    Bye for now

    From Tahlia

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