Skype Quiz – Millionaire Style

Last week two schools and four classes met online for a Skype Quiz.  We first met Miss Fraser and the Frole Islanders earlier this year through a Mystery Skype.  In the chat that followed the Mystery Skype we discovered that both classes were learning about Asia.  So, what better way to celebrate a term’s learning than to have a quiz?

Earlier in the week, 5/6JC and 4/5P worked in small teams to brainstorm multiple choice questions for Miss Fraser and her class.  The list was narrowed down to ten questions.

Before the quiz began we allocated roles.  There were quiz masters to ask questions, fact fairies to share information after each of the questions we asked and contestants to answer questions.  We also had a ‘music man’ to play the theme song, performers for the ad breaks, photographers,  a camera person and Google Gurus.

Each school/team had four life lines:

* Ask the Audience (the class voted on each of the answers)

* 50:50 (two wrong answers were eliminated, leaving two possible answers)

* Phone a Friend (contestant ‘phones’ a classmate)

* Google Guru (a student with internet access can Google the answer)
Killara Primary School asked us ten multiple choice questions first.  They were all about China because that was this term’s Unit of Inquiry. You can see how many you would have answered correctly by clicking on the slideshow below.


We used three of our life lines and won $5000.  Next, we quized Killara about different countries in Asia because that is what they have been learning about this term.  You can test your general knowledge of Asia with the ten questions we wrote below.


Our Skype Quiz was caught on film and you can watch a very edited version of it in the clip below.


Thank you to Killara Primary School for a great afternoon and congratulations on winning $500 000 imaginary dollars.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What quiz question about China would you add?

How have you used Skype in the past?

Do you have an idea for our next Skype with Killara?

12 thoughts on “Skype Quiz – Millionaire Style

  1. Hi Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,

    I have used Skype lots before and at school because I have Skype!
    It is a great way to connect with friends and family!

    A question that we could have put in the questions is ‘How do most kids in China get to school and back home?
    a.take a car b.walk
    c.ride a bike d.take a bus

    The next time we Skype with Killara we should do a mystery Skype!

    Does any else have Skype?

    Got to go,
    Bye Liv (olivia m)

    • Hi Olivia,

      The Quiz was great fun, wasn’t it?! Your question suggestion has got me thinking…and I am not sure if I know the answer. I think I would like to lock in ‘B walk.’ Am I correct?

      The only problem with doing a mystery Skype with Killara is that you already know them! Perhaps we will be able to find another class for the mystery Skype.

      Hope you are enjoying your holidays. 🙂

      Miss Crowther

  2. Hi Miss Crowther & 5/6 UPPS
    Your Skype call looked like a lot of fun – and what a great way to review your learning on your topic! Did you have a winner?! Using Skype is a great way to connect classrooms, and I think this is a very creative use of it here. I have been using Skype this week as we have 3 French teenagers staying with us in three different homes, & I have been chatting with their parents. It’s a great way to brush up my French! They are here to improve their English, and have been visiting the Primary and Secondary schools, as well as the local area.
    Our Summer Term is nearly over, and we are having an unexpected and highly unusual heatwave! Last year, all the end of term Sports were cancelled because of rain, and this year we’re suffering from heat exhaustion! It’s lovely to enjoy a bit of sunshine at last, and strange to think that you are in the middle of winter!
    When is your next break?
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Yes, it was a lot of fun. We got a bit carried away with the theme song and ad breaks. The Frole Islanders were the winners, winning half a million imaginary dollars.

      Skyping with the parents of your visiting French students is a great idea. You can practise your French and they can keep an ‘eye’ on their offspring.

      Our next break is not for a little while; ten weeks. However, we will only be spending nine of those weeks at school because we are heading off on camp!

      Enjoy the sunshine. We’ve got both fires lit here!!

      Miss Crowther

  3. Hello 5/6JC,

    We really enjoyed doing the Asia quiz with you. I thought it was good to see how much you learnt about China.

    Miss Fraser loved how you gave us a fact about the question we got and everyone loved the ad!

    Do you know who the Chinese leader is? If so please reply!

    Thank you!
    From Josh

  4. Hello 5/6JC,

    Doing the millionare hotseat was a lot of fun. I enjoyed sitting in the seats thinking of an answer to the question. I think a good skype would be like a mystery skype but you choose a location in the world and trying to find out where it is. Do you watch millionaire hotseat? Do you have any ideas for mystery skypes?


  5. To Class,

    I really enjoyed doing that, it felt like it was the real thing! I hope we can do it again. Did you enjoy it as well?

    We have already gone to camp and it was great. I hope you enjoy your camp just as much. This term we are doing a production it is about waste and recycling our rubbish and having a clean planet. Are you doing any thing like it?

    From Stephanie

  6. Dear 5/6 JC,

    I like the idea of a mystery skype, but are we going to try and find out where our schools are? I was thinking of finding a school in the world. We both have a school to find and we give some hints to each other.

    I see that you are going to camp! Where is the camp?


  7. Hello,
    Thank you for sending our class a comment, and that the 5/6’s are doing a school musical and the school musical is about recycling and that we all have a part to do in the school musical. Where abouts are you going to for your camp?

    From Tarleea

  8. Hello 5/6 KP,

    A special post came to us yesterday and we found out it was from the kids from the Snail and The Whale Project. We get to have Snail and Whale for 2 weeks!!!

    What did you do when you had Snail and Whale?

    Please reply,

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