Student Led Conferences

Today is Student Led Conference Day at Upper Plenty P.S.  Students have a ‘Suitcase of Learning’ filled with special pieces of work that they share with their parents.

A Suitcase of Learning

Pieces of work are included for different reasons and students explain why each piece of work has been ‘packed’ in the suitcase.  Suitcases have work from all our different subject areas.

Each piece of work is selected for a reason.

After looking at the Suitcase of Learning, students and their parent/s meet with Mr J and/or Miss Crowther. The students are the leaders of the discussion. Parents get to ask questions too!

Sharing a Suitcase of Learning

Parents really enjoyed looking at our learning

What did you like learning about during this semester?

How did you choose what to ‘pack’ in your Suitcase?

What do you like about Student Led Conferences?

10 thoughts on “Student Led Conferences

  1. I can’t believe how organised you are. I was in my office doing some work while the conferences were going and then I got an email to say that there was a new post. When I looked at the blog I saw photos of the conferences from today! Very impressive. It sounds like you have all had the opportunity to have very successful conferences. As I have wandered around the school I have overheard several conversations. I congratulate all the students on the way they presented their own work and spoke about their strengths and challenges.

    Well done!

    Mrs Laffan

  2. Hi 5/6JC,

    The student led conferences were great.

    Jarrad: My conference was good because I got to show my suitcase of learning.
    Mitchell: My conferences were good because we talked about how I can improve on my work.

    From Mitchell & Jarrad

  3. Hello 5/6JC it is Trent & Matty

    -Trent: I guess I liked learning sport & writing
    -Matty: I liked learning about art, writing, sport, maths & reading (;

    From Trent & Matty

  4. Hi everyone,

    What I like about student led conferences is your mums and dads get to see what you get up to at school.

    I “packed” the things that are in my suitcase because I think they show 5 star work or I have tried hard to complete them.

    This semester I loved learning about Asia. 5/6JC’s part of Asia was China and I learnt about differences Australia has compared to China.

    Happy Blogging! 🙂


  5. Hi,

    I have enjoyed writing, maths, sport and art this semester.

    For my suitcase of learning I only put in the work I was proud of, the work I enjoyed doing and the work that looked good in my suitcase of learning.

    I liked showing my dad my suitcase of learning for the student led conference.

    bye for now…. …. from Eula 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Those suitcases are looking great. I like the suitcase on the front of the page with the paper looking like a suitcase. It is great idea!

    Bye for now

    • Hi Scarlet,

      I agree, the suitcase on the front of the book looks great. It is very creative!

      What did you put in your suitcase of learning? Did you like sharing it with your parents?

      Take care,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  7. Hi,

    It’s Brent. I had to go to Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther to talk about my learning.

    I looked at my suitcase of learning and my mum liked it. Did yours? Now I just need to practice somethings to help my learning and to learn some more stuff.

    Bye for now
    From Brent

  8. Hello everybody!

    We absolutely love your suitcases of learning. We’re really jealous because we want them too. You’re very organised & you’re such a lovely class & we hope you have a great year.

    By the way where is your camp going to take place?

    -Ebony & Haidee

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