Debating with Technology

Throughout this term a group of students have participated in a Debating Project.  Each week, up to seven students from five different schools meet in an online meeting room. 

Everyone can see and hear each other using the Polycom TV

At the start of the project we learnt how to speak confidently and to ‘think on our feet.’  That means, we had to think quickly and without any notes. Mr O’Brien, the teacher running the project, gave us some fun activities to help us.

What Good Luck, What Bad Luck

In this activity we worked in a small group to tell a story.  The first person started off with ‘What good luck…’ and the next person jumped in with ‘What bad luck…’ and so on. 

For example: ‘What good luck, it is the weekend’

‘What bad luck, there is a power cut and I can’t watch my favourite show’

What good luck, I’ll watch it online later’ and so on

Rabbit On

We each got a topic and had to ‘rabbit on’ for 30 seconds.  ‘Rabbit on’ is another way of saying talk a lot. 

Time to Debate

Soon it was time to participate in an actual debate.  Students from a different school adjudicated (that’s a debating term for scored) and timed each debate.  Each speaker had one minute to argue their team’s point of view.

Listening to our opposition in Debate 1

Our first debate was TV is a Bad Influence on Children and we were the affirmative team.  Our second topic was Cigarettes Should Be Banned and we had to argue that they should not be banned.  The UPPS Debating Team worked hard to present clear, logical arguments and rebutt the opposition’s points.  After two very close debates against strong opposition sides, we won and made it through into the Grand Final.

The Grand Final is this week.  Each school suggested three possible Grand Final topics which were placed in a hat and one was randomly selected.  We are on the affirmative side and have to argue Children Should NOT Be Kept in Detention Centres.  This topic was suggested by Sam so he is very happy about it.  It is also a topic we have discussed in class after reading Morris Gleitzman’s novels Boy Overboard and Girl Underground.  Wish us luck! 

 What do you think… Should children be kept in detention centres?

If you could pick the Grand Final topic, what would it be?


13 thoughts on “Debating with Technology

  1. First of all, well done on making the Grand Final, it certainly sounded like a challenging road to get there with such a difficult debate argument, there must of been a lot of hard work gone into the research and preparation to do so well! Yet again, another difficult topic but with such fantastic debaters in the UPPS team, you have a great chance at winning! Im not sure what my opinion is as to whether children should be kept in detention centres or not, however I will be interested in hearing both sides of the argument and may find myself leaning more to one particular side.

    Good luck!!!

  2. I think that the debating team have done an amazing job. It has been a great program to be involved in and you have obviously developed some excellent skills. Isn’t it wonderful that we can share these experiences with other schools without even leaving our classroom!

    The detention centre topic is a very complex issue and I wish our team well. While the detention centre environment would not be pleasant for children I imagine, the thought of them being separated from parents is not nice either. The questions of whether we should make the detention centre environment more suitable for families or investigate other options for placement of refugee families is complex. Good luck with your arguments.

    Mrs Laffan

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was in the room when they did all of the debating stuff. I don’t think that kids should be kept in detention centres because it is cruel and it’s taking away their freedom. t

    Thanks for reading!

    Tahlia in 5/6JC

    • Hi Tahlia,,

      I agree kids should not be kept in a detention centres and yes it is cruel. Kids should not be kept in detention centres.

      From Laikyn.

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Some people may know that I am in the debating team and that we managed to get into the grand final when Wallan P.S gave us the opportunnity since they are going on an excursion to Wallan SC.

    I’m am also debating in the grand final along with Alicia and Sam. We are on the affirmative team for the topic ‘Children should not be kept in detention centres.’ Sam had suggested that topic and was wrapped when it got picked.

    From Daniel.

  5. Hi

    I don’t think children should be kept in detention centres because I think it’s basically like a jail & they’re children & they might be very young.

    From Trent

  6. Hi,

    I think the topics that you have used are very interesting and the debaters are lucky to get in the finals.

    I think children should NOT be kept in detention centres and I have so many resons after reading Boy Overboard.

    I think a good grand final topic would be Should childrean learn a secound launguage?

    Bye for now…
    ….. From Eula 🙂

  7. Hi everyone,

    I wasn’t in the classroom at the time of the debating but it would have been fun.

    I don’t think that kids should be kept in detention centres because it is mean to keep kids locked up.

    from Laikyn.

  8. Hi,

    I hope and think that the debaters can win, they are all good at speaking in front of people.

    If I were to choose the topic of debating it would probably be ‘Should people have as many pets as they want?’

    I really don’t think children shoud be keep in detention centres.

    – Sophie

  9. Wow, congratulations on making the grand final!

    It sounds like there has been lots of practising and preparation put into your debates. The debate topics have been very interesting.

    Good luck with the grand final!

    Miss Maraschiello. 🙂

    • Hi Miss Maraschiello!

      Great to hear from you.

      The grand final was very exciting…and a little bit nerve wracking too! Team UP did a brilliant job preparing their arguments and predicting the opposition’s arguments. Debate day dawned and we were set. After a very close debate the final scores were 55 to 50. We won! I don’t think we quite believed it and it took a couple of seconds to sink in.

      Feel free to drop in and visit us any time! There is something quite exciting happening on Thursday at 2:15pm.

      Keep in touch,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  10. Hi everyone,

    I was doing writing when the debating team were debating and I heard the scores. We won by 5 points and it was so exciting because UPPS won the grand final!

    see you soon 🙂
    Happy Blogging 🙂
    Tanyshah 🙂

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