Lucky Dragons

This week the spotlight has been on Chinese festivals and celebrations.  We found out about the Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese New Year.  It seems that dragons play an important part in Chinese celebrations.

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is held on 5th May every year.  It is held in memory of Qu Yuan, a Chinese man who drowned in the Miluo River.  Fishermen tried to save him by paddling out on boats and even threw food into the water so the fish would not eat his body.  Today, celebrations include dragon boat races and special ‘zongzi’ food is eaten.  Zongzi is special food wrapped in bamboo leaves.  Click HERE to read Daniel’s blog post about the history of the Dragon Boat Festival and how we celebrated it at school.



Chinese New Year

Click HERE to watch the Behind the News video clip we watched to learn about Chinese New Year.  We discovered:

* Chinese New Year is usually in February and celebrations last for 15 days.

* The Luna Calendar determines when Chinese New Year is celebrated.

* Dragons are a symbol of good luck and can be made from paper, silk and bamboo.

* Some dragons are 70 metres long and need 200 people to carry them.

* Each year of the Chinese Calendar is represented by an animal. 

* It is believed that people take on the characteristics of the animal of the year they are born.

* It is considered bad luck to do house work during Chinese New Year because you will sweep away good luck.

* People eat special dumplings shaped like money so they become rich.

* There are special red envelopes with money handed to children.

After taking notes in a data chart we used the Educreations app for the first time ever to create a short report on Chinese New Year.  We are still learning all about this new app and Miss Crowther is still learning how to put our iPad creations on the blog.  Hopefully you can click HERE and HERE to see our early creations. 

What other celebrations do you know about?  Tell us!

Have you used Educreations before?  What tips can you share?



19 thoughts on “Lucky Dragons

  1. Wow. I thought you did a great job with the Educreation app. I was amazed at the facts that you have learnt and were able to talk about. I think that China is a very interesting culture to study. I like the way almost everything they do or have is significant in some way and has a story behind it. Well done!
    Mrs Laffan

    • Hi Mrs Laffan,

      I really liked using the educreation app. I agree with you, China is a very good culture to study. I think it’s good that almost everything they do or celebrate significantly has a story behind it too.

      Bye for now

      • Hi Eula,

        I agree that China is a very special culture. It is nice how they have so many good luck sayings. What would you like to do most if you visited China?

        Bye for now

  2. Hey everyone,

    I don’t know any other celebrations in China but here are some in Australia: Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, birthdays, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day, Mothers day, Fathers Day and many more.

    I haven’t used Educreations before but I want to get the app on my ipad and I want to get it on my phone too.

    By the way, I liked the dragon boat races and Madison and I won!!! YAY!!!

    Bye for now….
    Billie 😉 🙂 :0 🙂 :0 😉

  3. Hi everyone

    It was fun to make and race the Dragon boats, I need to get the app educreations because it looks really fun.

    My family celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, New year’s, Easter, valentines, mother’s day, father’s day and lots more….

    Happy Blogging 🙂
    Bye for now 🙂
    Tanyshah 🙂

  4. Dear Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,

    Kiera loved the dragon boat race even though she could not run because she hurt her foot! 🙁

    Paige also liked it but the dragon was really hard to create!

    What did you like about the dragon boat festival?
    What do you enjoy learning or dislike about China?

    From Paige and Kiera

    • Hi Paige and Kiera,

      Unfortunately I was unable to come to the dragon boat race on Wednesday. 🙁 It looked like everyone had so much fun.

      It was interesting to find out about Qu Yuan and his life falling in to the river. I found out that Qu Yuan was a Chinese poet who lived in ancient times. I wonder why he jumped into the river though.

      On Tueday it was the first time I had heard of the Edu Creations app. Although the app is new to me, I do have one tip- when you’re voice recording, make sure you are in a quiet place so that your I Pad/ I Phone/ I Pod doesn’t pick up any background noise.

      Some Chinese festivals are Chinese New Year, the Dragon boat festival, Mid-Autumn day, the Lantern festival. To find out about these celebrations go to

      Happy Blogging!

      From Chelsea 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hey chelsea7,

        It’s a right down bummer that you couldn’t come to the Dragon Boat race! That’s really annoying!

        That’s a great tip about being in a silent place! You don’t want any background noise!

        I loved the Dragon Boat race! It was really fun even though I nearly got the flag in the end, I tripped! I wish we could have another race, so you can have a go at it! Hopefully we get to!


      • Dear Chelsea,

        How are you? Thankyou for commenting on mine and Kiera’s post! Did you like the dragon boat festival?

        On Tuesday it was my first time I had herd of Edu Creations app too and thanks for the tip!

        I found it interesting to learn about China.

        From Paige 5/6JC 🙂

  5. Hi 5/6 JC and everybody else,

    I had fun making the dragon hat with Zach. I did the drawing and details and Zach did the cutting out. The details weren’t the same on both sides but it didn’t matter.

    I couldn’t do the dragon boat race because I’m not allowed to do any sport for a while. It was funny watching everyone speed walk and trying to hold on tight.

    Everyone put a lot of effort in to their dragon hats. It was good watching but wish I could of done it too.

    If you could, would you do another race and why?

    From Brodee

  6. Hi Chelsea and everyone else,

    Also the Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival because it’s celebrated at end of winter and start of spring.

    Has any one ever been to a Chinese New Year/Spring Festival?

    From Brodee

    • Hi Brodee,

      I never knew that Chinese New Year was also called the Spring Festival & I have never been to a Chinese New Year/Spring Festival.

      From Trent

  7. HI 5/6JC

    I like use the educreation app. My sister has used it before but I have never.

    I like studying about China and my favourite part was the dragon boats.

    from Sam

  8. Hi everyone,

    I liked the Dragon Boat Festival but I wasn’t able to race because our dragon wasn’t finished. We didn’t have time to staple it together so Kayla and I waited for the race to finish on the side lines (Kayla was my partner).

    I hope to particiapate in the next school celebration for another country or even our own country’s celebration.

    From Lily 😀

  9. Dear Lily,

    I loved learning about China. It was so interesting and I would love to go to China because it looks like fun!

    I found out that Chinese people love tea and grow their own tea. They have big tea farms like animal farms but tea! They also like a balance of hot and cold foods and they have a lot of food to eat. They like to eat turtles, baby chicks, soup dumplings and much, much more! I think I would hate to eat some of the foods they do, no offence. I like sweet things more than savoury things!

    I hope everyone had fun because I know I did! What are we learning about next term?

    From Paige 5/6JC 🙂

  10. Hi everyone,

    I don’t know any other celebrations.

    The only time I have used educreations is at school, however I have the app on my ipad. I haven’t used it yet though I will use it when I think of something to do on it!

    Bye for now

    • Hi Madison,

      Educreations is the perfect app for teaching others about something. Why not create a lesson about horses?

      Miss Crowther 🙂

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