Chomping on Chinese Food!

Last week we put our taste buds to the test and tasted some foods from different parts of Asia.  It was interesting to see the different packaging and to look at the ingredients listed in another language!


There was some interesting information on the back of the Fortune Cookie box.  Legend has it that years ago an important person in China became worried that the people who lived in the town would challenge him and take over.  So, he sent someone to take away all the weapons.  But, this made the people cross.  So, they used Fortune Cookies to send messages to each other about when and where they would fight the important person.  We’re not sure if we believe this because Sam has a book that says Fortune Cookies were invented by two Chinese people living in America.  And, people in China didn’t know anything about the cookies until they started importing them from America in the 1980s.  Two very different stories depending which text you read.
Here are some of the messages in our Fortune Cookies:

* It is always the ones who talk the loudest who do the least.

* Faults are thick when love is thin.

* Deciding not to choose is still making a choice.

* Confucius say: “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”


What foods have you tried from around the world? 

Have you heard any other sayings from Confucius?



28 thoughts on “Chomping on Chinese Food!

  1. We love Indian food in our house, especially butter chicken! I wonder if the recipes we use in our house taste different to authentic Indian food? I imagine the flavours from the ingredients I buy would be different to the flavours found in India. I wonder if butter chicken would still be our favourite or if we would find a different Indian dish to top the list! 🙂

    • Dear Mum,
      I love it sooooo much I could never give it up! I think that our Butter Chicken is very different to real Indian Cuisine! My favourite food is of course Indian. Italian second and third… the AMERICAN HOT DOG! YUMMMY!

      • Hi Eve,

        I love Butter Chicken like you! I reckon it just melts in your mouth! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! Plus i would like to try American hot dogs… By the way do they taste nice??

        Bye for now…….
        Billie 🙂 :0 😉

        • Dear Billie,

          American Hot Dogs are AWESOME! Just like Butter Chicken. The American’s favourite Hot Dog is called a Kransky. It sounds strange and I hope I spelt it right! 🙂 A Kransky can be eaten two different ways:

          1. With the a spicy Kransky

          2. Or, with the mild Kransky

          I like the mild Kransky but my dad prefers the spicy chilli one! HOT – ER – REE!

          Would you prefer a Spicy Kransky or a mild one?

          In USA, they eat the Hot Dogs with:

          Ketchup/ Mustard

          What would you have on your American Hot Dog?

          Eve, 5/6JC

      • Dear Eve,

        Hi I LOVE, LOVE BUTTER CHICKEN aa well! It’s the best and I have it every time we have Indian. I love Italian as well.

        Bye for now.
        Madison 🙂

  2. Mmmm! Very interesting when you read different ‘facts’ about history. I’m not sure what the real story is about the origin of the fortune cookie but the message that I got in the cookie you left on my table was very thoughful
    “To forgive calls upon our love,
    To forget calls upon our strength.”
    Mrs Laffan

  3. Hello everyone,

    Sometimes my mum cooks some Italian food. I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s really nice. I don’t know what else to write so I’m going to go now.

    Thank you for reading this comment.

    From Sophie

  4. Hi everyone,

    I really think that eating all of that food did make me a little full, but it was all very nice (except for the prawn chips they werent that nice).

    No, I haven’t had any other food from another country (except for the food we had at school). But I would probably like to try some other foods from another country.

    I hope to get some more fortune cookies soon because they were so nice. I personally think they they were very nice and think almost everyone would like them.

    Thank you,

    Bye for now from.


  5. Hi everyone,

    The Chinese food was really nice, some of the Chinese food was really spicy and I didn’t like it. But, some people liked it, which is really weird. Some of the things that Chinese people eat are weird like snake, turtle and frog. The jellies tasted different and weird went it went down your throat. The chocolate Pandaroos were yummy and I had a chocolate Pandaroo.

    My mum makes some Italian food cause I am Italian. I love butter chicken which is Indian. 🙂

    Bye for now
    Happy Blogging:)
    Tanyshah! 🙂

    • Hi Tanyshah,

      I agree that the Chinese food we had tasted nice. It is interesting to see what other countries eat. I didn’t like the spicy shrimps either but other people did- I guess that’s what others and I don’t have in common! My favorite food was the ‘Hello Panda’ biscuits and the fortune cookies. I don’t know why – maybe because they were nice???! 🙂

      I have had a range of food from different countries before. They include:
      *scones (England) YUM
      *rice (China) YUM
      *butter chicken (India) YUM
      *lemon chicken (China) YUM
      *pasta (Italy) YUM
      *and others.

      Have you ever had any of these foods before? Have you ever eaten a snake or turtle like what Chinese people do?

      Tasting other countries food is nice and tasty but I think I would prefer to eat Aussie food. (For now anyway!) 🙂

      To find out more about China go to my blog at:

      Bye for now and happy blogging everyone!
      Chelsea 🙂

  6. Hi everyone,

    I liked all the food and I really liked rice cakes, the jelly fortune cookies and the little biscuit.

    From Jarrad

    • Hi Jarrad,
      I liked all the food too. The jelly wasn’t really Chinese but it still was tasty.
      The fortunes were hard to read but that’s fine.
      Lots of people didn’t like the chilli chips that looked like twisties, I liked them.
      When I go to the Chinese shop we get rice and these things that look like mini chips.
      I haven’t eaten much Asian food but I’m sure it’s good.
      From your friend Mitchell.

  7. Hi 5/6 J,

    We have eaten many different foods from around the world. Some are:
    – Jessica: Spring rolls from Asia
    – Brooke: Rice
    – Trent: Noodles
    – Mitchell: Pizza
    – Erin: Sushi
    – Hayley: Fried Rice from Asia
    – Daniel: Barbecue Pork from Asia
    – Alex: Barbecue Chicken from Asia
    – Caitlin: Dim Sims from Asia
    – Alexis: Spaghetti from Italy
    – Blake: Chicken soup
    – Bethany: Nacho from Mexico
    – Jayde: Spring Rolls

    We all like different foods from around the world.

    From Miss Joy and 1J

  8. Hi everyone,

    I really enjoyed “putting our taste buds to the test”. I liked all of them apart from one because it was a bit spicy and it had a really bad after taste.

    I have tried quite a few foods from around the world, like butter chicken (Indian), Chinese noodles and much more.

    Got to go for now but have a great day 🙂

    From Eula 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Hi 5/6JC

    I have had a lot of types of food from around the world. I have had frog legs, squid sauce and much more. My favourite food was the fortune cookies.

    From Sam

    • Hi Sam,

      It sounds like you have had a great feast of overseas food. I wish I could be you.

      Talk to you soon.


  10. Dear Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,
    I have tried many foods from different countries! Like:

    I’ve tried heaps of foods. But my least favourite is Chinese. I don’t liked Fried Rice! YUK!!!!

  11. Hi 5/6JC

    It’s Ethan from 4/5P here.
    I liked eating the fortune cookies. They were yum.
    There was a little note inside. I sat in my room and cracked the fortune cookie open. It said something about friends. Then I ate the cookie.
    I wish I had more fortune cookies.
    It was the first time I tried them.
    I have eaten the hot chips before. They were spicy.

    Do you like the fortune cookies?

    From Ethan 4/5P

  12. Hi 5/6JC,
    The Chinese food was yummy. My favourite was the rice cakes.
    The other food was good too.
    From Mitchell.

  13. Hello everyone,

    The foods I’ve had from other countries are:
    Fried rice
    Dim Sims
    Lamb Korma
    Butter Chicken
    And some other ones. But I can’t think of them right now!

    See ya!
    from Brodee

  14. Hi everyone,

    All the foods were so good but the furtune cookies were the best!
    On the piece of paper inside the cookie it said ‘wheresoever you go ,go with all your heart.’ What do you think that means?

    From Zach

  15. Hi 5/6JC,

    I have had a heap of delicious yummy food from overseas like prawn crackers, fortune cookies, frogs legs, snake, squid on a stick and much much more.

    Bye for now

    • Hi Ethan

      I have not had frogs legs or snake but I have had fortune cookies and squid but not on a stick.

      From Brodie

  16. Hi 5/6JC

    I like Chinese food because it’s different.I like the moon cakes because if you can find a fortune!

    What do you like about Chinese food?


  17. Dear Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,

    I loved tasting the Chinese food. It was so yummy but I didn’t like the chip things at all. My favourite things were the chocolate, cream and strawberry ‘Hello Pandas’ and the fortune cookies.

    The fortune cookie kind of tasted like honey. I shared my fortune cookie with Tanyshah and our fortune said “Be alert for a new opportunity.” I wonder if it’s true and what it means?

    Thankyou Miss Crowther, Mrs Placek and Benda for giving and sharing the Chinese food with us!!!

    From Paige 5/6JC 🙂

    • Hi Paige,

      I am glad you enjoyed tasting different Chinese foods. Like you, my favourites were also the ‘Hello Panda’ biscuits and fortune cookies. I think I could have eaten the whole box of pandas!

      I can’t remember what my fortune said. Does that surprise you? I think your fortune means keep your eyes open for something new that you could do. It might be something new to try or a new place to visit. Maybe you will get an unexpected opportunity to try something new.

      Learning about China has been a lot of fun and very interesting. Next term we are learning about Austraian history. It will follow on from Term One’s unit and focus on Australia in the early 1900s. Do you know anything about that?

      Bye for now,

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  18. Hi,

    I think some of the Chinese food was really yummy but some of the it we didn’t like maybe because of the spice and seafood kind of taste.


    Bye for now!!

    from Monique!!! 🙂 🙂

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