A Day in May

We celebrated Friendship Day on Tuesday. Each year we celebrate friendship and friends with a special day. It is also a day to remember two very special friends who are no longer with us. We raised money for a children’s cancer charity by donating a gold coin and buying a hot lunch. The school raised over $600!

Friendship is one of our school values. We always try hard to be a good friend and show friendship to everyone. We speak nicely, include everyone, understand differences, respect opinions and forgive each other. After all, no one is perfect!



We would like to thank Maggie, Mrs Lewis, our wonderful parent chefs and the Junior School Council for organising a great day.  Thank you!

How do you show friendship?

What is something nice a friend has done for you?



13 thoughts on “A Day in May

  1. Hi everyone,

    I thought friendship day was really fun. 🙂 It is so awesome how much we raised.

    I can’t believe how much yellow there was, I’ve never seen so much yellow in one spot! 🙂

    I think friendship is really important, if you don’t have friendship you don’t have friends and if you don’t have friends you don’t have happiness. So everyone should show friendship if you want to have a really fun and awesome life. Be nice, be fair and just have fun.

    I show friendship by helping others, respecting them and their belongings, being nice, not excluding anyone and most of all being very happy 😀

    So show friendship to everyone and thanks, I hope I can be friendly to everyone

    From Lily

    • Hi Lily,
      I agree there was a lot of yellow and we did raise a lot of money which is a good thing.
      Bye from Mitchell.

      • Hi Mitchell,

        I agree too, the school did raise a lot of money and there was a lot of yellow. I had a good day.

        from Jarrad

  2. Hi,
    I liked friendship day because everyone participated by wearing yellow and bringing in a gold coin donation.

  3. Hi 5/6JC

    I like friendship day because it was so nice to see some many people in yellow. It was a fun day and a big thanks to the leadership team for planning the day.

    From Sam

  4. Hi 5/6JC,
    I liked friendship day because we made cool glasses and ate yummy yellow scones.
    Bye from Mitchell

  5. Hi everyone,

    I loved dressing up in yellow. It made you feel really bright and everywhere you looked there was yellow. I thought the day was really fun and exciting.

    Bye for now

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Friendship is a great thing to have – it is one of the most important parts of your life. I certainly agree with Lily on how if you didn’t show friendship you wouldn’t have friends and if you didn’t have friends you wouldn’t be happy. Friends aren’t just people you know, they can be your family or even a pet!

    Thankyou to the JSC (Junior School Council) and Maggie for organising this special event to remember two special people.

    Happy Blogging!


  7. Hi everyone

    Friendship day was very yellow, I thought people wouldn’t have much yellow but I guess I was wrong.

    I show friendship by saying hello back to people who say hi. I try to be a good role model and there is so much I could put.

    From Zach

  8. Hi,

    I think you show friendship by being a nice friend, help someone if they are hurt, treating people the same way you want to be treated, not leting people down and letting them join into games that you are playing.

    Something a friend has done for me is helped me when I fell over. Something else a friend has done for me is let me use some things from their pencil case because I left my pencil case at my house.

    I did not have many yellow clothes to wear because it was a bit hard to find yellow clothes. But I think everyone did a great job of wearing yellow for yellow day. I loved my hotdog from the canteen. It was YUM!!

    Bye For Now,
    Olivia M

    • Hi Olivia M,

      Thanks for posting a comment on our blog!

      Those are great ways of showing friendship! My favourite way to show friendship is by making someone laugh or making something for them.

      I love hot dogs too and I enjoyed mine lots! I wore heaps of yellow but I didn’t wear anything silly like undies over leggings! 🙂 My sister in 3V (Check out their blog, it’s awesome) wore them. It was very funny!


  9. Hi everyone,

    It was really fun on Friendship Day. The yellow was fun, even though I looked ridiculous! I was surprised that so many people managed to dress in so much yellow because it was really hard for me to find yellow. I am really surprised how much money we raised. Thank you to the leadership team for organising everything 🙂

    Bye for now 🙂
    Tanyshah 🙂

  10. Hi 5/6JC

    I like to show friendship by playing with my friends.

    I fell over and my friend helped me up.

    From Aidan

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