Our Artist Trading Cards

Our Artist Trading Cards have arrived safely at their destination! Mrs S and 5/6CS opened them today so we can now share them with all of our blogging friends.

You can read about more about our Artist Trading Cards Project here, here and here.

Check out the photos of our Artist Trading Cards in the slideshow below.

What do you think our next project should be?

If you made Artist Trading Cards what would you draw?


37 thoughts on “Our Artist Trading Cards

  1. Hello UPPS,
    My name is Chelsea from 5\6KC . I got Mathew’s trading cards. I like them very much. I did not realise that they went in a line. Who got mine?

    From Chelsea

    • Hello Chelsea

      It’s Matthew. Do you like my trading cards?

      Just to let you know I was inspired to draw deers because a while back I went to Mt Disappointment and one morning when we were camping I saw some deers.


      from Matthew

  2. Hello everyone at UPPS,

    My name is Emily from 5/6CS. I love the cards I have just received from Eula. They are great! I think she did a great job. All the class did well. Who got my cards? They had trees on them.



    • Hi Emily,

      My name is Mitchell and I’ve got your cards. I liked the detail on your cards. I thought the idea of the family tree was clever.

      from Mitchell

    • Hi Emily,

      My name is Eula from U.P.P.S 5/6JC. I am very happy to know that you liked my trading cards, so thanks! 🙂 All our class loved making the trading cards and we were very ecxited when we got them from you and 5/6CS.

      Bye From Eula 🙂

  3. Hello 5/6JC,

    When we got the trading cards and it was very exciting. We had to wait about three days to open them. When they were open everyone could not wait to get a set. The set of cards I have are from Brodee. They are so cool. They are really different.

    From Ashleigh

    • Hi Ashleigh,

      I have your artist trading cards. They are really cool, I like how the leaves go from the tree to mid air to the ground!

      How did you do the water colours? I thought they were really cool! Some of us did water colours, but I thought that I didn’t need to with what my cards were about.

      Thanks for your cards. They are really great.

      From Lily

  4. Hi, my name is Mitch and I really liked blogging with your class. I was the boy that gave the instructions and stayed back with Heidi and Ms Smith.

    It was really fun. We received our cards and we opened them today.

    Bye 5-6 JC
    From Mitch

  5. Hi 5/6JC,

    My name is Alice and I was one of the students that Skyped with your class. I thought that you all did a great job making the artist trading card holders. They turned out fantastic. We received your artist trading cards today on the 20.5.13 even though they got here last week. Thank you so much! You must have worked very hard on them. They are amazing! I got Sophie’s cards, the ones that had the different facial expressions. You really made them look happy, sad and anxious. You must have worked really hard because they were really good. So thanks again!

    Kind regards

    • Hi Alice,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply to your message. I’m glad that you like my cards. All of the class and I did work really hard on them. It took us about 2 days to finish them. We all tried to make them as creative as we could.

      We were really impressed by the cards you and your class made. They were really creative and artistic.

      Thankyou for reading this comment and for writing a comment to me!!

      Good Bye!!!

  6. Hi UPPS,

    Thanks a lot for the artist trading crads! I got the set called Abstract by Daniel. So thanks heaps Daniel! You must be a true artist because they look amazing!

    I have never been taught anything over Skype before and today was my first time recieving ATC! The only origami I do is with Mrs Spinner (our Japanese teacher) and sometimes Mrs Smith.


    • Hi Thomas,

      It is good that you liked Daniel’s cards. He did a great job. I got Jess’s cards but I didn’t get to say hi to her on the Skype. If you see her please say I said I liked her cards.

      From Sam

  7. Hi 5/6 JC and Miss Crowther

    It was great fun conducting sticky tape surgery on your very carefully packed parcel. The whole class was waiting to see what was inside and were very keen to take a turn and choosing a set of cards.

    It was very interesting to see the variety of media that you chose to use when creating the cards. I saw some great collages of cityscapes, some meandering paths, some very impressive rainbow coloured cards and many others. I hope the truck with Brock on the side was a V8 Supercar truck (go Holden) or maybe there is a Brock in your class. We are keeping them in our classroom for a while and then they will head home to be kept and maybe traded one day.

    Maybe a new project could be to write a story in parts with each writer leaving the story in an exciting part to be added to or even a half completed drawing for another class to finish. I wonder what other ideas might be suggested in these comments.


    Mrs S

    • Hello Mrs S,

      I am glad the cards arrived safely. I did use an awful lot of sticky tape when I packaged them but I wanted to be sure they arrived in one piece. I wonder what the postman thought!!

      I like the idea of writing a story with a partner and leaving it in an exciting part to be finished by someone else. A bit like when your favourite TV show has an ad break and you just want to know what happens next. There is a pretty cool website that we could use to write our stories. It provides the illustrations and we have to write the story. It’s called Storybird. Have you used it before?

      I hadn’t thought of doing half a drawing. We know we have two classes with lots of talented artists so this project might appeal to them strongly?

      Thank you for trading the artist trading cards with us. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Miss Crowther

  8. Hi UPPS 5/6JC,

    I am from the class 5/6CS. Thanks heaps for the great ATC (Artists Trading Cards). I got Brock’s cards and I really liked the idea of the truck with his name on it!! How long did it take you guys to make the cards and also the card holders?? They were great!!

    Thanks again.

    From Cooper

  9. Hi 5/6JC,

    We have got the trading cards and they are awesome. The cards are very artistic and detailed.

    From Jack

    • Dear Jack,
      Thanks for posting a comment on our blog. It is very exciting to receive replies to our posts from other schools. Especially ones you know! 🙂

      Thank you for your great comments about our Artist Trading Cards (ATC)! We really appreciate you giving us compliments like that!
      I recieved some of your cards (Unless you have another Jack :)!) that are a ‘Y’ patterned.

      Thanks again for commenting!
      Eve @ 5/6JC from UPPS

  10. Hello 5/6JC,

    I am from 5/6CS and we just received your trading cards. I got Sophie’s cards ‘The Ocean’. I love them! I loved the card holder because it was decorateed really well. We didn’t really get to decorate ours but I wish we did. It was really fun looking at everyone’s cards and the card holders. Did you find it tricky to fold the card holders?


  11. Hi there 5/6JC!

    We were so excited when we received your cards! I thought it was really awesome how you decorated your holders. We didn’t even think of that!

    I got Aidain’s “Fish” cards. Who got mine? The theme name for them was moonlight.

    From Eloise

    • Hi Eloise,

      Thanks, I hope you like my cards.

      I hope the person who got your cards replies soon to you.

      From Aidan

  12. Hello 5\6JC,

    I’m from 5\6CS and we just received your trading cards. I got Tahlia’s with the moon and the stars. I thought it was so cool how it all joined together and we are learning in class about all of the wonders of the universe. Thank you so much! Everyone was so excited to receive mail and the trading cards .

    I was also just wondering who got mine? I cut up an old book and stuck it on my cards with a tree and stuff like that. So i’m just wondering if you liked it or not?

    From Chloe, 5\6 C\S

    • Hi Chloe,

      I’m glad you liked my cards. I haven’t seen yours yet but if I did I’m sure I would really like them. I’m glad they all got there ok. I got shells from thomas and I think they are awesome.

      Thank for commenting on our blog. Hope to hear from you again soon.

      From Tahlia

    • Dear Chloe,

      I had your cards. I thought they were really cool. Did you like doing A.T.C [Artist Trading Cards]?

      From Madison

  13. Hello 5/6JC

    It was really fun receiving and opening a package filled with Artist Trading Cards from a class we sent the same thing.

    We all had a lot of fun making, sending and receiving lots of lovely hand-drawn pictures.

    From Ben 5/6CS

    • Dear Ben,
      My name is Eve and I’m from 5/6JC here in Victoria.
      When we received your Artist Trading Cards (ATC) I was given a pack from Jack. Do you know who got my cards? They were green and said:

      E V E
      loves Peace!

      Thanks for posting a comment!

  14. Hi 5/6JC,

    l received Aidan’s trainding cards. The cards were very good. It must have taken lots of time to make then. Who received my trading cards?

    Kind regards

  15. Dear 5/6 JC
    It was great to see the other half of your trading card project, having admired the cards you received then to see the cards that you sent. I was impressed with the variety of topics and media, and you obviously thought hard about how to make your cards a series rather than 3 individual cards. What a great project to take part in!
    I like Mrs S’ ideas of having half a story, or half a drawing. Perhaps you could combine the two… each class draws a picture to go with a story they have written. The pictures only are then sent… and their counterpart in the other class writes a story inspired by the picture they receive. The final part would be to compare the two stories from two different authors… It looks like you enjoy collaborating, and you have lots of very keen students!
    Kind regards,
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hello Mrs Monaghan,

      Thanks for your comment! It is always nice to hear from you.

      We got the idea of making three cards that fit together from the cards that were sent to us from 5/6CS. It was both interesting and hard working out what to put on the three cards.

      We like your idea of someone drawing a picture and posting it to someone to write the story. That would be fun. We were also thinking that we could take turns to write paragraphs and the story could continue. We also liked making the games and swapping them with you and your class last year so that would be fun to do again too. So many ideas!

      What other projects have you done with other schools in other countries?

      Happy blogging!
      5/6JC and Miss Crowther

      • Hello again Miss Crowther,
        We enjoyed a Flat Stanley Project last year which we would like to repeat next year, and this year we have been privileged to take part in Our World, Our Numbers – a collaborative maths blog with 6 other schools around the globe. http://ourworldournumbers.edublogs.org
        That has been a wonderful and enlightening experience, and will shortly be concluding with a grand finale!
        I have to say that one of the loveliest things we have done was singing Christmas Carols with you in December – that was really special for me and my class.
        Perhaps we will find something to work on together again soon!
        Mrs Monaghan

        • Hello Mrs Monaghan,

          I have a little confession to make…I’ve been keeping an eye on your Our World, Our Numbers project. I found it very interesting reading about cooking, animals, seasons and temperatures from different countries. It just goes to show how much a part of our lives maths is – without us perhaps realisng it!

          I also enjoyed singing Christmas Carols with you and Class 2 last year. My favourite part was when we sang the song together after hearing each other sing a traditional Christmas song.

          I hope we can find something to work on soon because it’s always a pleasure!

          Miss Crowther 🙂

  16. Hi,

    I’m Madison. I got Chloe’s cards. Her tile was ‘Dream’. I thought they were really creative. Who got mine?

    Bye for now

  17. Dear Everyone,

    I’d like to say thanks to everyone who posted on this post from 5/6CS! You guys rock! Great job on all the hard work everyone has put in to make the Artist Trading Cards (ATC)!

    Thanks to Miss Crowther and Ms S for organising the fun project!
    Good luck and happy blogging!
    Eve @ 5/6JC, UPPS!

  18. Hi 5/6 JC,

    I got Billie’s Trading Cards. I thought they were really colourful and creative. I will treasure them for the rest of my life.

    Who got my Landscapes cards?

    Kind Regards
    Emily G

  19. Hi 5/6 JC,

    I got Brodie`s cards. They are awesome. I liked how you put all different colours. It made it look realy good. You are a great drawer and I’m looking forward to seeing who got my cards.


  20. Hi Lily,

    Thankyou for your comment. The way I did the water colours is Miss Smith had these water colour brushes that had a tube in the back full with water and you just dipped them into the water colour and put them on the card. They are really cool.

    from Ashleigh

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