Mystery Skype

Take one borrowed classroom (Thanks Miss Varker and 3V!), a hijacked TV (Thanks Mrs Placek!), 26 super excited 5/6JC students (especially after a wet day timetable), a number of equally excited students from another class somewhere in the world, the magic of technology and you have all the ingredients for a Mystery Skype.

Over last few days we assigned and practised our roles for the Skype call.  We had  Greeters/Question Askers, Clue Keepers, Questions Keepers, Google Mappers, Runners and Photographers.

It was soon time to cover our school logos, take our positions and solve the mystery of the location of our Skypers.

Each Runner took messages from one of the Google Mappers to the ‘Inbox’ question basket so our Question Askers could ask the questions. Our Clue Keeper kept track of the answers where we could all see them and our Question Keepers recorded the questions so we didn’t ask the same ones twice. Meanwhile, the Google Mappers kept narrowing down the area according to the answers from the Mystery Skypers. If we asked questions with a ‘Yes’ answer we got to ask another one. When we got one wrong it was the other school’s turn to ask us a question about our location.

The breakthrough came when Aidan gave a runner the question “Are you in Sunbury?” The answer was ‘Yes’ and we knew we were closing in on our Mystery Skypers.  A quick thinking Ethan Googled ‘Schools in Sunbury’ and we worked our way down the list until we came to Killara Primary School.   We were talking with Miss Fraser, Caroline and the 5/6s of Frole Island.

Thanks to our photographers, Laikyn and Matthew, all the action was captured for you to see in the PhotoPeach below.

After each class had solved the mystery there was time for a chat.  We learned that we have some things in common; they are learning about Asia and we are learning about China.  We also found out some differences, including they have six Grade 5/6 classes and two class pets.

Thanks Frole Island for a wonderful Mystery Skype!


Have you used Google Maps before?  Why?

What mysteries have you solved?


13 thoughts on “Mystery Skype

  1. Hello 5/6JC,

    That Mystery Skype looked really fun!! It would have been very exciting for you to find out who it was.

    Last year in Miss Crowther’s class we did a mystery Skype and it showed what country they were in so it gave us a BIG clue!!! Did you use the special clue or did you not? We also found out that the class was in Tasmania.

    I have used Google maps before. I used it when Mum was stuck in traffic and she didn’t know were she was. So she gave me her phone and I looked the place up on Google maps and found out were we had to go!

    I solved a weird mystery once and it was my missing pencil case. I found out who it was by looking at people’s faces. Someone’s face looked very guilty and the they were the thief. It wasn’t a very important mystery but I really wanted my pencil case back. Have you ever had something stolen from you? What?

    I wonder if they have a blog do you know? Where is Frole Island?

    Got to go


    P.S: I did this comment on the iPad.

    • Hi Bailey,

      What a wonderful comment! Thank you for taking the time to write such a good quality comment for us to read.

      I smiled when I read about you using Google maps on your Mum’s phone when you were stuck in traffic. I am sure she was very happy that you were there to navigate. Before Google maps was invented and became so popular I remember using the good old Melways. Have you ever had to use the Melways before? I think map reading is still an important skill to have because Google maps isn’t always available. We will need your expert navigation skills when we are on camp in the city!

      We saw that our Mystery Skypers were in Australia but we still played fairly and asked our pre determined questions about being in the Southern Hemisphere (time zones gave it away a bit) and Australia (accents gave it away). It was good fun working out where exactly they were.

      They do have a blog. You can click on the link in the post or click here, I am sure they would love a comment.

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

      P.S: I did this comment on an iPad too! 🙂

      • Hello Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,

        It’s interesting the way things works with Google maps isn’t it? Have you used Google maps before? What for?

        It’s also interesting that the class in Frole Island had a blog, I haven’t had a look yet but I will if I get time.

        Thanks 🙂

        Got to go

        P.S I did this comment on the laptop!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hi Bailey,

          Thanks for dropping in again and leaving another comment. 🙂

          It is interesting that Frole Island have a blog too. It’s got lots of interesting posts so I think you should check it out! Maybe you can look up their location on Google Maps?

          I use Google Maps quite often if I need to go somewhere new and want to see what places are nearby and how far away it is. When I am driving I use the Tom Tom to make sure I make it to my destination. It makes it SO much easier. I remember when it was just the Melways and I had to pull over to look at it. Then I often had to turn around because I would discover I had gone the wrong way!!

          Take care,

          Miss Crowther

          P.S: I approved and replied to your comment on the laptop too!! 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,

    I’m Mrs Crawford from 5/6K at Wandong P.S (just down the road from you). Wow, what an exciting adventure you all have had! Mystery skype sounds like lots of fun. It sounds like you were all very organised and knew your roles quite well. Like a well oiled machine! 🙂

    Miss Crowther, your comment made me smile. I too can remember using a Melways long ago (though not very well). It feels like such a long time ago, as it it so easy to use google maps nowadays. I definitely agree with you though, map reading is such an important skill to have.

    I was thinking that perhaps we should have a skype date in the future. We are all still new to the blogging/skype world and it would be great if you could teach us your skills sometime (although I’m quite sure all the students in 5/6K would run rings around myself :)) What do you think?

    It was lovely visiting your blog and reading all of the fun adventures you are having 🙂

    Until next time,

    Mrs Crawford
    Wandong P.S

    • Hello Miss Crawford, 🙂

      Your comment is so great to have on our blog. I sure hope we can Skype some time in the future, 🙂 it sounds like lots of fun to Skype with you and your class.

      It’s awesome to hear you’re new bloggers! It’s great you’re learning about new skills of blogging, Skypeing and much, much more! 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      From Lily, 5/6JC at Upper Plenty Primary School. 🙂

      P.S We all hope you have so much fun blogging. All of our class loves blogging and hope you do too.

  3. Hi,

    Yes, I have used Google Maps before and I used it to look where places are such as my house, my grandparent’s house and lots more. But I looked at my house and my grandparent’s house because I wanted to see what it looked like. I basically do it when I’m bored or when I have nothing to do.

    I don’t no if I’ve solved any mysteries.

    !From Billie!

  4. Dear Mrs Crawford,

    We would love to Skype with you and your class one day. It would be really fun to maybe have a Mystery Skype call with you.

    I think that I’m with you and Miss Crowther on Google maps being a lot easier on the computer then in a Melways :).

    From Paige 5/6JC

    P.S Does Mrs Lewis work at your school?

  5. Hi 5/6JC,

    I have used Google maps before to be a Google mapper in our mystery Skype.

    The school we mystery Skyped with was in Sunbruy.

    From Aidan

  6. Hello 5/6JC!

    Your Mystery Skype looks fantastic! I must admit, I was eavedropping JUST A TEENY TINY bit when you were Skyping in Miss Varker’s room. I kept looking at the clock thinking “WILL THEY FIND OUT BEFORE THE BELL??” The suspense was killing me! You had lots of great questions which helped you to solve the mystery! Well done.

    I have used Melways AND Google Maps.

    Now I will tell you the story of the BLUE HANDS AND ARMS MYSTERY! It is the first mystery that came to my head when I read the question at the bottom of the post. It took me a long time to solve the mystery but I did and I was super proud of myself after I had! Ready???????

    One day Mrs Placek noticed she had blue lines and squiggles all over her hands and arms like someone had grabbed a blue texta and scribbled all over her. It was very strange, as Mrs Placek had not even used a blue texta that day, and she was PRETTY SURE she hadn’t fallen asleep in class and had the students drawn all over her.

    This went on for quite a few days.

    Then one day Mrs Placek was looking for something in her handbag and noticed blue texta squiggles everywhere inside the bag…..then she found a blue texta…..without a lid……and she concluded that every time she put her hand in her bag the texta would scribble all over her hand!!!

    Now I’m pretty sure that mystery is SO exciting it could be made into a blockbuster movie! Or maybe not.

    Keep up the great work 5/6JC!

    From Mrs Placek

  7. Dear 5/6CJ & Miss Crowther,
    Thank you for the opportunity to have our very first Mystery Skype! We had such a brilliant time being detectives to find out where you were and then asking questions about each other at the end. We loved Mystery Skyping so much that we even have one set-up for Wednesday afternoon which is our Education Week Open Afternoon.
    I must say Miss Crowther, your students spoke very well and were very well mannered throughout our chat. I can’t wait to try and create a project for both classes to work on!
    Speak to you all soon,
    Miss Fraser 🙂

  8. Hi everyone,

    I loved doing the Mystery Skype. It was really fun and exciting. It was the first one I’ve ever done. We had to be quick to type the questions and the answers. We’re aiming to do a Mystery Skype once a month.

    I hope our Mystery Skypers enjoyed it too and espically 5/6JC. Can’t wait to do it again!

    Bye 🙂


  9. Hi everyone,

    I have never used Google maps befere but I have seen people use it lots of times like my family and when we did the Mystery Skype.

    From Trent

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