Fun with Five Cents

Two weeks ago the UPPS Friends and Family Group set a fundraising challenge for every class.  For this fundraiser, they delivered an empty jar to each classroom.  The challenge?  To fill it with five cent coins!



Some facts about the five cent coin:

(Source: Australian Government Royal Australian Mint website)

* It was introduced in February, 1966

* The echidna design was created by Stuart Devlin

* It has a mass of 2.83 grams

* Its diameter is 19.41mm

* No five cent coins were made in 1985 or 1986

* In 2008, over 200 million five cent coins were made!


We have been searching high and low for five cent coins.  Lily might have a machine that makes them hidden at home because she has found so many!  Our jar is almost full!!  Soon we will need to empty it, count the coins and start again.   The challenge ends in eight weeks.



How much money do you think we’ve raised so far?

How much money do you think 5/6JC will raise in total?

What fundraising activities have you participated in?

31 thoughts on “Fun with Five Cents

  1. I think the five cent fundraiser is a really creative idea! I have been trying to work out how many coins one jar will old. I am guessing that it will hold around two hundred five cent pieces which would be $10. Can you please let me know how many coins the jar holds when you fill one.
    Good luck!
    Mrs Laffan

    • Dear Mrs Laffan,

      We managed to raise a total of $101.15! It weighed about 6.069kg and we had 2023 coins! It was an amazing achievement and I would like to thank everyone in 5/6JC that made a contribution to the jar.

      Good luck everyone else!


  2. Dear Miss Crowther’s class,

    Those are some very intresting facts. Do you know why there were no five cent coins made in 1985 or 1986? I can’t believe that the five cent coin was made in 1966. I thought they were much older than that! The five cent coin has very wierd measurements. I wonder why the government did not make the diameter a perfect 19.4mm instead of it being a 19.41mm.

    In the United States, we call our five cent coin a nickel. What do Australians call their five cent coin? Is that a hedgehog on the back of the Australian five cent coin?

    Techie Kids

    • Hi Jack,

      I am glad you liked the interesting facts. I too wondered why the diameter is such an exact measurement and wasn’t rounded to 19.4mm.

      My guess as to why no five cent coins were made during 1985 and 1986 is that perhaps there were already enough in circulation.

      I did not know that you call your American five cent coin a nickel. We just call ours five cents.

      The little animal on the coin is called an echidna. I suppose it is the Australian equivalent of a hedgehog. We don’t have hedgehogs in the wild in Australia. Do you have them in America? I always associated them with England.

      Take care,
      Miss Crowther

      • Dear Miss Crowther,

        Thank you for replying to my comment Miss Crowther. I’m glad you also found the diameter of the five cent coin interesting. I will look up on the internet why that is and tell you later.

        I wonder why there were no five cent coins in circulation. Do you think the government will stop making another form of money in the future because there are also too many in circulation?

        I find it different that Australia does not have a special name for the five cent coin. Do you have any ideas why that is?

        I always thought that the United States had hedgehogs until I searched my question on the internet ten minutes ago. There are no hedgehogs in North America or Australia! I guess it makes sense that there are no hedgehogs in the U.S. for I have never seen any.

        What is an echidna? I have never heard of that species before. Are they abundant in Australia or do they only live in certain places?

        From, Jack
        Techie Kids

  3. Dear Miss Crowther and Class
    I was pleasantly surprised to see you doing such a fun fundraiser. We have been doing 5c Friday for some time which raises funds for our chooks so we can ensure they have something yummy to eat than just scraps and the kids in my grade always bring in at least 50c every week. We have 11 grades so if all grades averaged 50c how much would that be over a month for our chooks?
    I think you might fit at least $12.50 in your jar, so maybe you have raised about $9.50 so far. I think you might reach $55 if you keep filling it up at the rate you are now. Let me know how you are going.
    We have a SRC group at our school and they just ran a movie night last Friday. They sold popcorn, lollies and drinks. I don’t know how much they raised yet but how much do you think they did raise? By the way what are you raising money for? Is it anything in particular?
    Hope to hear from you soon about your five cent challenge.
    Mrs Beer and class.

    • Hello Mrs Beer and 3/4B,

      Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment!

      5c Friday sounds like a great idea. What yummy things do you buy the chooks? A couple of years ago we hatched chickens as part of one of our units of Inquiry. They were going to live at school but we never got around to building them their enclosure. So, they are happily scratching away at a student’s farm. Did you hatch your chickens or buy them?

      You ask tricky questions about how much money your school collects over a month. I think if each grade averaged 50c a week that would be $5.50 from the 11 grades. Let’s say there are four weeks in a month, $5.50 x 4 = $22. Am I right? Now I’ve got a question for you… This term has 11 weeks. If each grade collects an average of 50 cents a week, how much money will the whole school collect during this term? Now for a little challenge… What if you had 10 cents Tuesday instead and each class collected the same number of 10 cent coins as they do 5 cent coins?

      I think we are raising money for classroom resources. It could be take home readers or anything else that is on the FAF’s list of goodies.

      Say hi to the chooks for me!!!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

      • Hi Miss Crowther
        Our chooks came from one of our family’s farm but we have had two chickens hatch naturally in the chook pen with the mummy chook sitting on it and raising it. It was wonderful for the kids to see and watch the chicken grow up and lay eggs for us. We sell the eggs too and children in our school have the responsibility to clean out the pen and feed them. We buy them corn and special hay and other grains and greens that are fresh and yummy with the money we raise.
        Great working out the answer to my question. We will get back to you with our answer I will have the kids spend time working it out and send it to you. For both the 5c question and 10c question.
        It is great to hear you will be getting some new books. We love books. At the moment we are reading Rowan of Rin and really enjoying it. What is your grade reading? If they are reading a class book.
        Talk soon
        Mrs Beer and class

  4. Hey,

    So far I think we have raised about $15.00-$20.00. I think we will get $25.00-$30.00.

    I think I have participated in a fundraiser, but I’m not sure??

    From Billie! 🙂

  5. Dear Miss Crowther and Class,

    I didn’t know all of these interesting facts. Our class I think has raised around $65 which is a lot of money!

    Thank you everybody who has given these 5 cent coins. We’re going to have a lot of money because this term has only just started. Imagine how much we’re going to have at the end of the term!

    From Paige

  6. Hi 5/6 JC,

    We have raised a lot of five cent coins, good job!

    I think we have raised about 1250 five cent coins.

    I have also been in other fundraisers before for the school. I can’t remember what they were called but they were for the school.


    • Hi Lily,

      It’s amazing to think that we have nearly filled up the jar! Thank you for searching everywhere at your house and bringing in all the coins you found. 🙂

      I can remember you doing lots of fundraisers at school. What about Crazy Hair Day, RSPCA Cup Cake Day and the out of uniform days when everyone brings a gold coin donation? Do you have a favourite charity or cause you like to support? I like supporting animal charities. I liked RSCPA Cup Cake Day because we were raising money and eating delicious cupcakes. I also liked the Billy Cart Fundraiser last year. The Royal Children’s Hospital is an excellent cause to raise funds for.

      Keep looking for those coins!

      Miss Crowther

  7. Hi,

    In that picture of the jar it looks like there’s about 278 coins. Overall, that’s a lot of coins!

    from Trent

  8. Dear Ms. Crowther,

    The first question is the hardest because only the school knows how much. But my estimate is about $69.00.

    To the second question, is it in like a year or a month? If in a year, maybe $190.80.

    To the third question, I have participated in the Texas Roadhouse fundraiser in our area.

    Have you been in a fundraiser before this one? If you have, let me know what you did.

    Hope you reply.
    Techie Kids 🙂

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for reading our post and leaving us a comment.

      It is tricky to estimate how much money is in the jar. I went to move it yesterday and needed to use both hands because it was so heavy! We are going to count it very soon so I will let you know how much is in there. I think $69 is a pretty good estimate.

      The fundraiser finishes at the end of term which is 28th June. So, we still have seven weeks left to keep collecting five cent coins.

      How did the Texas Roadhouse fundraiser work? We don’t use the word Roadhouse in Australia. What does it mean? I’m thinking it means something similar to a restaurant or petrol station, but I’m not sure??

      Yes, I’ve participated in quite a few fundraisers over the year. Some of my favourites have been RSPCA Cup Cake Day and the Billy Cart Auction. RSPCA Cup Cake Day saw us making and decorating cupcakes to sell. All money raised went to the RSPCA, an animal charity. Last year my class built billy carts for our unit on construction. After we raced them we auctioned them off. Each billy cart team chose a charity they would like to donate their money to.

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

      • Dear Ms Crowther,

        The usual amount of money we earn is at least $100 or less, but the last one that I had was at least $289.54. That is A LOT for a fundraiser for a school with only 110 students.

        Roadhouse means like a little steak or meat restaraunt.

        I wonder what billy carts mean, is it like a hotdog stand or a little hamburger stand?

        Hope you reply.

        From your Techie Kids friend,
        Techie Kids

        • Hi Anthony,

          Congratulations on raising so much money! You are right, it is a lot of money for 110 students to raise. What did you do with the money?

          Thanks for clearing up what the term Roadhouse means. I have a better picture in my mind now of what you mean.

          Billy carts are a bit like go carts. Do you use that term in America? If you click on the link below you can read more about them and watch a video of us racing them.

          Bye for now,
          Miss Crowther

          • Dear Miss Crowther,

            Wow. I never thought that a billy cart was a go cart, but we never use the term billy cart in the U.S.

            The money is used for the repairments and the school treasury. What does the money at your school go for?

            From your Techie Kids friend,
            Techie Kids

  9. Dear Billie,

    I think we have raised about $30-$35 dollars. Did you like doing this fundraiser? I did, it is a good way to raise money.

    From Madison.

  10. Hi,

    I think there are about 300 coins in 5/6 JC’s 5 cent jar. By the end of the term I think we will raise over $150.

    From Sophie.

  11. Hey it’s Laikyn.

    I think the fundraiser is a great idea and it has been really good idea. So far I think we have raised about $30.00. It would be great to raise a heap more than that.

    from Laikyn 🙂

  12. Hello everyone,

    I can’t believe we have got the highest amount of five cent pieces in our jar and it’s not even the end of the term and we’re up to our second jar! Everyone in Mr J’s maths group counted the money. Most of us spilt up into twos or by ourselves and counted a handfull of money. Then we added up all the groups’ money on the whiteboard to find our answer. We have 2023 coins! It took nearly all of our maths session. We’re in the lead at the moment!

    From Kiera

  13. I think it is a great idea to do a fundraiser. It has been really fun. In maths we had to guess how many coins were in it and how much it weighs.

  14. Hello,

    I can’t believe how many 5 cent coins are in our jar! I think that we have raised close to about $35.00! It is really heavy too!

    From Monique

  15. Hi 5/6s

    I think we have rasied $80.00. I think we will have in total $180.25.

    I think I have participated in a fundrasier activity before.

    From Aidan.

  16. Hi everyone,

    I still can’t believe we’re up to our second jar and it is already half full. I think we’re going to win but anything can happen. Good luck to everyone else. If anyone knows what the prize is please comment back. That’s if there is a prize?!

    Good luck everyone.

    From Zach

  17. Hi everyone,

    It is awesome that we are up to our second jar of money. I think we are going to win.:)

    And yes, if anyone knows what the prize is can you please comment back?

    From Laikyn.:)

    • Hi Laikyn,

      It is wonderful how many five cent pieces we have been able to collect. How much money do you think we have managed to raise so far?

      I read in the newsletter that we have one week left to collect as many as we can. Remind me to put the ones that I have brought to school in the jar.

      I think the prize will be terrific and something that we can all enjoy…if we win!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

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