We’ve Got Mail!

This week we received a surprise package in the post.  Early in the year Mrs Smith from 5/6CS in Tasmania invited us to take part in an art blogging project.  Except, Miss Crowther didn’t tell us!  So, when the parcel arrived we had no idea what was in it…and at first we thought they had sent us cereal!

Watch the slideshow below to see what was actually in the package.



Artist Trading Cards are original works of art produced on mini cards.  The idea is to trade them with others, a bit like football cards.  The project was initiated in 1997 by Zurich artist, M.Vänçi Stirnemann.

Some of us first met Mrs Smith and her students last year when we did a Mystery Skype.    One of the best things about having a class blog is making new friends.  We’d like to thank Mrs Smith for asking us to make and trade Artist Trading Cards.  It was awesome!  We have finished our cards and they will be in the post very soon.  We won’t put photos up until Mrs Smith and 5/6CS receive them, otherwise it would spoil the surprise!

What things do you like to collect and trade?

What theme would you use for your Artist Trading Cards?


11 thoughts on “We’ve Got Mail!

  1. What a lovely idea for a project! I noticed that you very carefully didn’t reveal what any of your students were drawing in your photos of them at work… I am really keen to find out what themes they chose! I liked the natural world themes of your Tasmanian friends, they were beautifully created. I especially liked the ones where they had used text cut outs from books/papers and painted over them. Very effective!
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs Monaghan,

      I thought you might be the first one to comment! You are very quick off the mark and we always look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

      I had never heard of Artist Trading Cards until Mrs S told me about them. I agree, it is a lovely idea for a project. Perhaps later in the year we could trade some cards with you and Class 2? We were blown away by the thought and effort put into the cards we received from Tasmania. You will have to wait a week or so to find out what themes we chose and to see the finished product!

      Miss Crowther

  2. Dear Miss Crowther,

    Wow! What an interesting idea! Your class must be having a lot of fun making artist trading cards. I hope you will post another video showing your class’s finished cards. If I made artist trading cards, I would draw a big pattern of some sort. With red, blue, and yellow colors my cards would look amazing together.

    I collect snow globes. I have seven different snow globes from places around the world. I even have a snow globe from Sydney, Australia.

    From, Jack
    Techie Kids

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, we had a lot of fun making the trading cards. We will be sure to write another post and include photos of the cards we have made soon.

      I am guessing that red, blue and yellow are your favourite colours if you would use them on your cards? Blue is one of my favourite colours too.

      Snow globes are great things to collect. Do you collect them when you visit new places or are they presents?

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther

  3. Dear Miss Crowther,

    Thank You for replying to my comment Miss Crowther!

    I can’t wait to see the unique artist trading cards that your class will create.

    Most of my snow globes that I have are gifts from my family. But a few I picked out myself. My family went to Jamaica last year for Spring Break and I found a wonderful snow globe with a palm tree inside. Does anyone in your class collect snow globes?

    From, Jack
    Techie Kids

    • Hi Jack,

      Yeah we have made ours and I think they have already been packaged to sent to the school who sent us some.

      From Trent

  4. Hi Miss Crowther & 5/6JC

    It was great to read your post about our cards and see the slideshow you created. I agree with Mrs Monaghan about how careful you were so that we are going have a nice surprise in the mail sometime soon.

    Our school holidays finish at the end of next week and our class will be looking forward to a parcel in the mail.

    I like collecting all sorts of things. In fact I probably collect too many things. I enjoy collecting shells, feathers and leaves. I like the shapes and colours that I see in the things I collect. I also collect paper for my art and crafting. I do not often trade the things I collect but I do enjoy trading artist cards with the classes I have worked whilst teaching.

    Will you find it hard to send your art on it’s way? We sure did which is why Mrs S scanned them all for us before they were sent.

    Mrs S and 5/6 C

    • Dear Mrs S,

      I wonder who is going to get my artist trading card. I had a yellow moon with yellow stars plus a brick wall with graffiti. Did your class enjoy the cards as much as us? I thought they were really fun. I got the shields from Thomas. I thought they were really cool. Please tell him I say thanks.

      I hope I hear from you soon. Bye for now.

      From Tahlia in 5/6JC

  5. Dear Tahlia,

    I thought the cards were really cool and fun as well. Mine has a bright background and has ‘Change your life!’ across the whole three cards and some little words all around the three cards. The cards I received were from Chloe and they were really cool.

    Can’t wait to see your cards!

    From Madison

  6. Hi,

    My favorite thing about the trading cards was that we could do anything we could think of and we could use lots of colours and paints and more colourful things.

    I also liked seeing all of the great cards that students made. I hope you like the cards that we send over! 🙂

    From Sophie.

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