This afternoon we logged on to a safe social network called Skooville.  Skooville is the new SuperClubs PLUS.  It’s had a bit of a make over and ‘grown up’ since we last visited. 

Skooville is one tool we will be using to make sure that we learn how to be safe and responsible online.  It is also a site that will help us to develop our digital literacy skills.  We will be doing both of these important things and having lots of fun along the way.  We can’t wait!

This afternoon we created an avatar to represent us online.  It tells people a bit about us but doesn’t give away too much – like a photo would.  Our avatars appear on our own individual pages, along with lots of cool other stuff. 

Skooville is a big place and we will be exploring it over the coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned!

What do you like about Skooville?

How do you stay safe online?

Do you use another website to help you learn about being smart online?

4 thoughts on “Skooville

  1. I love the sound of Skooville. I like the idea of creating an avatar of myself. I wonder what I would look like?
    Mrs Laffan

    • Hello Mrs Laffan,

      Thanks for commenting. Skooville is pretty cool.

      I think your avatar would have black hair and wear black too. That’s what I saw you wearing today!

      From Brodie

  2. Wow – skooville looks like so much fun!! We never got to do anything like that when I was at school!! Learning is so much better when it is fun!!

    Have fun learning guys! :o)

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