The Postcard Project

Today we started learning about writing transactional texts.  Letters, invites, cards, postcards, notes, emails and blog comments are all transactional texts because you are sending or receiving information (transacting) to or from  someone.

A few years ago, Miss Leakey set up The Postcard Project, whilst she was teaching in New Zealand.  Teachers and students have been busy writing, sending and receiving postcards around the globe.  In the past, some of us  participated in the project and enjoyed it.  Today we all wrote a postcard to a class somewhere in the world.

Here are some important things we learnt about writing a postcard:

* There’s only a small space, so you have to prioritise your message, write neatly and clearly.

* Use a greeting and a closing.  For example, Hello, G’day or Dear and Bye, Best wishes, From

* Introduce yourself briefly.  For example, I’m from 5/6JC at Upper Plenty in Victoria, Australia.

* Include information and questions.  Make it interesting.

* Write a return address if you want a reply!

* Write the address.  Usually you need to use a new line for the name of the class, school, street, suburb, state & postcode and country.

* Proofread for meaning, punctuation and spelling.

We wrote postcards to schools in Australia, England, USA, Iceland, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii, Italy and Germany.  They will begin their journeys tomorrow and hopefully arrive at their destinations within a fortnight.  We can’t wait to see who writes back!

What transactional texts have you written?

Have you received a postcard before?  Where was it from?

Can you find out when the first postcard was sent?

65 thoughts on “The Postcard Project

  1. I love the fact that a postcard can be a souvenir of somewhere you have visited and the pictures and designs you get can be really varied. There are often so many designs to choose from. Some people even collect postcards. I like to choose postcards that have a picture which I think best represents the things I have seen and places I have been. Other people choose postcards based on the colours and designs. It’s always exciting to receive a postcard 🙂 I can’t wait to see if you get any replies! 🙂

    • Dear Mum,

      I have written heaps(as you may know) of transactional texts. Here are the statistics:

      TRANSACTIONAL TEXTS written by me, Eve 🙂

      Blog comments:LOTS! Actually HEAPS!
      Texts (iPhone 4 & 5):4
      Other:I don’t think there actually was another transactional text. So:UNKNOWN 🙂

      I havn’t recieved a peronal postcard before. Maybe I’ll get a reply from Ms Hall & 2C in Germany or the Ins and Outs in NZ? Some postcards have been written to all parts of the globe including, Germany (like me), England, HAWAII(Yes, I am serious), Italy or the USA (United States of America).

      What do you like about postcards? Do you prefer Email or Text? Letters or Postcards? I prefer email and postcards because:

      – EMAILS CAN BE HUGE!!!!
      – Postcards are really fun
      – You have to compromise if what you have written is too big to fit in the space of the postcard

      From Eve xxx
      P.S My blog address is 🙂
      Please write me a comment!

  2. Hey, it’s me, Billie!

    The postcard we sent on the 12/2/13 was my first transactional post that I have ever done. I have only recieved a postcard at school. It was from people in my grade.

    I don’t know when the first postcard was sent but when I am finished typing this I will find out!

    From Billie:)

    P.S The blog is starting to look COOL and AWESOME!


    • Hi Billie,

      It’s exciting to do something for the first time. Perhaps now you will write more postcards? Postcards are handy texts to write if you want to say something short and sweet.

      Miss Crowther 🙂

      P.S: Good luck with your postcard research!

    • Hi Billie,

      I haven’t received a postcard of my own back but I would like to.

      We have received a postcard in class one time. (I can’t remember when it was but it was a long time ago).

      I also don’t know when the first postcard was sent either but when I get enough time I will find out!

      This was the first time I sent a postcard to people around the world (or in Australia)

      Would you like to write more postcards?


  3. Hi 5/6JC,

    I wrote a postcard yesterday and it was fun.

    On the front of it there was a train station that lots of people go to every day.

    From Matthew.

  4. Hello 5/6JC,

    I think postcards are a great way of keeping up with eachother. I have written notes, invites, postcards, cards and lots of E-mails.

    I have received a couple of postcards before, some were even from my teachers :D. Most of my postcards have been received from Melbourne. But, some of them have been received from Darwin and Queensland.

    The first ever postcard was sent in 1869 and was sent by, I think, Robert Burns.

    Speak to you soon

    • Hi Ethan,

      I agree, postcards are a great way to let people know what you are up to. The only problem is that you have to choose your words so carefully so you can pack as much into your message as possible.

      I think Robert Burns was on the front of an early postcard. My sources tell me he didn’t post it. See what you can find out about Theodore Hook…

      Good luck!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  5. Hi 5/6JC!

    I enjoyed doing the postcards. I have done some transactional texts before but not a postcard. I do emails more than postcards. I have received a postcard before from England. It was from my Grandpa and Grandma.

    I don’t know when te first postcard was sent but I am guessing in 1984 in England. I will go see if I can find out.


  6. Hi, it’s Paige.

    I would like to say that the start of the year has been AWESOME! I love having two teachers because it gets you ready for high school. In high school you will have one home group teacher and about five whole different classes.

    I also like this new project we are doing. It will be really fun receiving letters back. I hope we will be doing more projects in the year like maybe Flat Stanley because I would like to know what our Flat Stanleys are up to.

    From Paige

  7. Hi 5/6JC,

    Yesterday I wrote a postcard and it was fun. I sent my postcard to Hawaii and my Mum and Dad have been to Hawaii.

    From Mitchell

  8. Hey 5/6JC,

    I like your class blog. My class, 4/5P, are going to make one! I like having a class blog! It is really fun!!

    This year the grade 2s have camp. It is unfair for the 4s cause we did not get to go!! But I don’t know about you 5/6s. Did you get to go on camp when you all were in grade 2??

    Bye for now,

  9. Hi 5/6 JC,
    What a coincidence! This week in my mailbox two different transactional texts have been delivered. If I told you one thing came with a picture of New Zealand on it and another thing came with a wedding sticker on the back could you guess what was delivered to my mailbox? You all seem to be doing such exciting things on your blog. I think the Grade 3 blog will need to have a camp count down too because my grade is SO EXCITED! I might need help of the ICT captains. Enjoy blogging, Miss Varker ;-p

    • Hi Miss Varker,

      This is Tahlia.

      Getting the transactional texts in the same week is so weird.

      Well, I will see you around.

      From Tahlia

    • Dear Miss Varker and 3V,

      We have only received one postcard this year. It was from the Ins and Outs in New Zeland. Along came Scruffy and some ‘kiwi’ treats such as an orange badge and a key ring.

      I am also VERY VERY VERY excited about having a camp this year. I can’t wait! I predicted that you would go on camp by yourself! But you are going also with 2K.


      Eve @ 5/6JC

    • Hi Miss Varker,

      Thankyou for your comment!

      We think that the transactional text with a picture on it is a postcard and that the one with the wedding sticker on it is an invitation. Are we correct?

      Thankyou for noticing our camp countdown. It’s great to hear that your grade 3s are excited to go on camp. Where are you going for camp?

      We’re off to check your blog out now!


      Ethan, Matthew, Blaise, Aidan and Miss Crowther

  10. Dear 5/6 JC,

    I’m glad to see the Postcard Project is still going! Miss Leakey had a great idea in setting it up. We have participated in the past, but haven’t started again this year.

    I think you have some excellent recommendations for Postcard writing. Staying on topic is definitely important, but we sometimes find it difficult to remember. I agree that interesting writing is more engaging for your readers and more likely to capture their attention. Our students are just beginning to learn about blogging this year and those are the two areas that we think are very important, but challenging at the same time. I hope you will hear back from everyone you’ve sent a postcard to!

    Happy blogging,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids
    Michigan, USA

    • Hello Mrs Moore,

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog.

      I see from your blog that you have several Postcard Pals. Do you have any tips for us to make the Postcard Project a success? We hope we get a reply from everyone we sent a postcard to as well! Did you?

      Happy blogging to you too!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

      • Dear Miss Crowther,

        Thank you for the reply. Hmmm, you have a great list of important things to remember. You are well set for success! I’m not sure what else I could add. We always talk about students remembering to be respectful, responsible and appropriate in their online interactions. Those are good traits to remember in other areas as well.

        We did receive many postcard replies, but not all. Overall, our students thought it was great fun and enjoyed the experience. I hope your class will have fun too!

        From a visitor in the northern hemisphere,
        Mrs. Moore

      • Hey Miss Crowther

        This is Tahlia so how’s Milly?! :);):( ;( heheheheheheheheehehehe.


        This is Lily I would like to say I have lots of fun in writing with you! 😉

  11. Hi there 5/6 JC
    How are you going being back at school? What are your topics this term? We are learning about ‘Building a Healthy World’ It is interesting so far! What are you learning about?

    • Hey 3K,

      It’s Tahlia. So far I’ve loved being back at school and seeing my friends! We have done T.E.A.M. as you would have done, I think? So what have you guys done so far?

      From Tahlia

    • Hi 3K,

      We are having a blast. Our topic is Australian history. We have learnt a lot to do with the convicts and how poeple lived in the old days.

      We have not learnt about Building a Healthy World. I like to learn more?

      From Zach and Sam

  12. Hey it’s me, Madison.

    The first postcard I ever sent was the one we sent on the 12/2/13 and it won’t be the last. I have only ever got a postcard from a friend at my old school, she was overseas.

    I think the first postcard was sent in 1869 and I also find out that the first stamp ever made was in 1840.

    From Madison

    P.S I loved doing the trancactional texts!

    • Hi Madison,

      The postcards that we sent to the other schools was fun! It was also my first time sending a postcard and I hope it won’t be the last. 🙂

      I really enjoyed doing the postcards and I would like to do it again. Maybe we could send eachother letters? I know it’s not the same as postcards but atleast we can write more.

      I like the transactional texts too. They are so much fun, but sometimes they can be a little frustrating like when you don’t know what to write ( or say ) 🙂

      Talk to you soon
      From Lily 😀

      P.S: When do you think the first letter was sent?

      P.P.S: I dont know, but I think it might be in the early 18 hundreds.

      • Hi Lily,

        Thankyou for replying to my comment!

        I hope it won’t be the last time I sent a postcard either.

        I would love to send you some letters or postcards sometime soon.

        P.S Please write back


  13. Hi 5/6JC,
    It’s Miss. Leakey here (the person who created The Postcard Project), I got a message on my blog the other day when you wrote this blog post and I was delighted to see that you’d all been sending postcards to various people around the world.
    It sounds like you all had fun writing them and sending them. I hope you receive some replies soon! It would be great if you could post about any replies you got, which countries they were from and what you learnt from receiving their postcard.
    Keep on enjoying your writing!
    Miss. Leakey

    • Hi Miss Leakey,

      Your visit and comment was a wonderful surprise!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. We feel very lucky that the creator of The Postcard Project left us a comment.

      Everyone enjoyed writing their postcards and we also did a little bit of research on the history of postcards. Did you know, according to our research, that the first known picture postcard was sent in 1840 in London? Some people think that the writer posted it to himself as a joke because the picture on the front is of postal workers. I wonder what he would say now if he knew how many were sent each year?

      Thank you for setting up such a great project. We are eagerly awaiting our replies and will be sure to write a post about them.

      Miss Crowther

  14. Hi Miss. Crowther,
    I have a favour to ask. I’m in the process of making improvements to The Postcard Project and have a google doc form I’m sending out to everyone to fill in. I’ve just sent it to your email address – is there any chance you’d be able to take a quick look and fill it in. I just want to check everything on the form is functioning properly and there are no issues before I roll it out to everyone.
    I’d really appreciate it if you have a couple of minutes.
    Miss. Leakey

    • Dear Miss Leakey,

      Hi we are two students from U.P.P.S 5/6JC and we love the postcard project.

      We were wondering, how you came up with the idea of the postcard project? We love the idea of it.

      Please write back.


      Eula + Madison!!

  15. Hi Miss Crowther and 5/6JC,
    I must have just been typing my other reply while you were replying to my original comment.
    That’s great that the class did some research on postcards! What interesting facts you found out – you learn something new every day.
    I’ll check back and see how you get on with your replies! I don’t have my own class at the moment as I am doing various other things related to teaching that are not classroom based but I remember our favourite part of The Postcard Project was the days that mail would arrive just for us and the excitement of finding out who and where it was from!
    Miss Leakey

    • Hi Mrs Queen,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog!

      I have sent you an email with our address and also the link to Sarah Leakey’s website (the creator of The Postcard Project) so that you can register and connect with many other teachers and classes all around the world to write to.

      Looking forward to receiving a postcard from you soon!

      Miss Crowther

    • Hi Tracy,

      We are two girls from U.P.P.S. Thankyou for posting a comment.

      It’s nice to hear that you and your class would like to send some postcards to our class. As you may know already, our writing teacher Miss Crowther told you the link to do the postcard project.

      We can’t wait to send some letters to you guys and get some letters back.

      Please write back!! 🙂

      Eula + Madison!!

    • Hi Tracey

      We would love to send a postcard to your kindergarten students, it would be great if they got a postcard sent straight to them,

      See you soon

  16. Hey guys,

    I have a really bad cold but it’s a chance for me to do my homework. So, some texts I’ve done are a postcard, invites and stories from this year and last year.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Hey Kiera,

      It’s Madi and Paige, we hope you get better soon!!

      Do you like transactional texts? We do!!!

      Hope to see you soon at school.


      Paige and Madison!!!

      • Hi Madison & Paige,

        It’s Daniel & Brodie here.

        We are not quite sure if Kiera is better, but we certainly do like transactional texts. (More than you do) 🙂

        And we’ll certainly see you at school too. 🙂

        Bye for now,
        From Daniel & Brodie.

  17. Hello 5/6JC,

    Lots of us in 2K have sent or recieved postcards.

    Darcie has sent a postcard to her Nanna when she was holidaying in Queensland. Tayla too! Jack T sent a postcard to his uncle in New Zealand just to keep in touch.

    Caylum has recieved a postcard all the way from Egypt, there was a picture of a big pyramid on it! Kaleb recieved a postcard from his uncle in America, the picture on it showed it was winter there because there was snow in it. One of Ethan’s friends sent him a postcard from Singapore, it had a picture of the huge hotel and swimming pool that he was staying at. Lachlan K has recieved a postcard from his Aunty in England, there was a picture of the Queen on it!

    Hope you enjoyed hearing about our postcards.
    From Miss Kenny and 2K.

  18. Hi Miss Crowther and 5/6JC

    Wow, what a surprise there was when I got to school on Monday the 18th of Feb. There in my pigeonhole was a postcard. I was really pleased to see it and to recognise the school as our buddies from our very first mystery skype last year. The picture on the postcard was great to look at.

    I have shared the postcard with my grade 5/6 class and will share it with my grade 4/5’s on Thursday this week. We still have our map and postcards on display in our 4/5 classroom and will add yours to our collection.

    Your great questions at the end of your blog post led me on and internet treasure hunt to find out about the origins of postcards. I found the story about Theodore Hookand also a couple of interesting sites about the history of postcards that I will be bookmarking.

    I think that I have written so many transactional texts that it would be hard to count them but the ones that I have enjoyed doing most would be sending and receiving postcards and adding comments to blogs. Especially ones that continue a great discussion like this one.

    bye for now
    Mrs S and her two blogging classes – 4/5DS and 5/6CS

    • Hi Mrs S,

      I am so happy that our postcard arrived safely. It’s the first one that we have heard about. Very exciting!

      Thank you also for the Theodore Hook link. Fancy selling a postcard for 31 750 pounds. Amazing!

      I agree, blog comments are one of my favourite types of transactional texts. It’s great transacting with people from different places – people who you would never normally get the opportunity to hear from.

      Bye for now
      Miss Crowther

  19. Hi guys,

    Second day at home. I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Also I finished my homework yesterday but I didn’t finish this question. So here it is…

    Um, the first postcard sent with a stamp was in 1870. 1869 was with no stamp.

    See you tomorrow!

    From Kiera

    • Hi Kiera,

      It’s a shame that you are sick. I like the way you are keeping in touch with us at school through the blog.

      Have you read Mrs S’s comment and followed the Theodore Hook link? It’s got some information about the first postcard.

      Glad to hear you will be back tomorrow. See you then!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  20. Hey 5/6JC and Miss Crowther,

    This is Laikyn and Paige here, we would just like to say that we have really enjoyed doing postcards.

    Laikyn has received three post cards, one from London, one from Queensland and one from here in Melbourne.

    Paige has received five postcards, one from Perth, one from Turkey, one from South Africa, one from Asia and one from London. (Most of them from her uncle who travals a lot)

    Paige wonders what project we will do next and Laikyn wonders what camp will be like in August!

    Laikyn and Paige 🙂

  21. Hello there Miss Crowther and 5/6JC!
    Good to see you sending off postcards to all corners of the globe, and we hope you get lots of replies! We’re going to London in a few weeks time so we’ll send you a postcard from our capital city. We have a display wall outside our classroom with all the postcards we receive, and we put the flag of that country next to each one. The children in A Room with a View send postcards if they take time off in term time to go on holiday! It’s their homework!
    Looking forward to seeing how many replies you get!
    Mrs Monaghan

  22. Hi guys,
    it’s great to see you all working with transactional texts. With our modern technological world of email and blogging it’s nice to receive a handwritten letter, postcard or invite in the mail. Believe it or not, this was the main method of communication back when I was your age, as we didn’t have computers or mobile phones! Can you imagine that?? Hope you all get heaps of responses. Have fun 🙂

    • Hi Veronica,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog.

      I agree, there is something special about receiving a handwritten letter, card or invite in the post. I remember how excited I used to get when I was younger and there was an envelope addressed to me sitting in the postbox. I get less excited now because they all seem to be bills!

      We have our fingers crossed that we receive some replies. You just never know when there might be something special in the post…

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  23. Hi 5/6JC

    I really liked writing postcards for the postcard project but it was hard for me because I’m not a fan of writing.

    From Trent

    • Hi Trent,

      Thanks for writing a comment on our blog. It’s even more special because you’re not a fan of writing.

      I agree, the postcards were great fun. I really, really hope we get some replies.

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  24. Hi 5/6JC,

    My mum thinks it is really cool that we are doing this project and she wonders how many postcards we will get back!

    Upper Plenty P.S is the BEST school EVER!!! The start of this year has been really fun. I love maths because it is really fun learning about decimal numbers. Thank-you Miss Crowther for teaching me :).


  25. Hi 5/6 JC,
    It’s great to see you are all enjoying writing transactional text,I think writing postcards is a great way to get in contact with people in other countries or when people are away from home! I remember when my brother was overseas and my kids and myself loved getting a post card from him, we were able to see what he had been up to and it was nice knowing he was safe and happy. It made us feel like he wasn’t so faraway and with the pictures on front of the post card we could picture in our minds where he had been and what it actually looked like.
    I know when we go on holidays we often bring home post cards to remind us of where we have been .
    I look forward to seeing if you guys get any replies. Keep up the good work!
    Bye for now

  26. Dear Mr J, Miss Crowther and 5/6,

    We have written transactional texts before. We are writing a transactional text right now in this comment.

    Have you received a postcard before? Where was it from?
    We have received postcards from our families when they were away.

    What have you learnt about transactional texts?

    From Miss Joy and 1J

  27. To Brodie and Daniel,

    Hi it’s Billie and Madison. How are you boys?


    From Billie and Madison!!

  28. Hi 5/6JC
    Just to let you know we received your postcard – great picture of penguins! We’ve stuck it on our postcard wall and of course we have written you a reply. I wonder how long it will take to get back to you?
    How many cards have you got now? I’ll send you a picture of our postcard wall, maybe you can start one too! It’s a good way to learn flags…
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs Monaghan,

      Hello our names are Paige and Kiera. We hope you’re enjoying your blog this year as much as we are! It’s nearly the end of term 1 for us. We’re looking forward to the easter holidays and the yummy choclate we will give and receive. Are you having holidays soon? Are you enjoying school so far?

      We have had two postcards so far and they are both from you! Thank you!

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      Paige and Kiera

  29. Hello there,

    This is Mr. Holdsworth from Haworth Primary School in Haworth, UK. Thank you very much for our postcard. Thank you to Monique for telling us all about your school and well done on your success in the Basketball Championships. We are going to send a postcard back to you as soon as possible, but in the meantime please visit our blog or our school website

    Kind regards,
    Mr. Holdsworth
    Year 3 Teacher
    Haworth Primary School

    • Thank you for the comment that you did for me!! THANKYOU!!! Also thankyou for giving us your blog address so we can look at it and scroll down and reply/leave a comment!

      p.s Thanks for typing about my basketball grand final and the really good thing about it is that I won!!!!!

      Thanks for commenting!!!
      from Monique

  30. Hi there everyone at Upper Plenty….especially Sophie! I am commenting on this blog after just receiving a postcard from Sophie. A lady I used to work with came around for a visit and she happened to bring the post card which was addressed to my old class….that’s right my old class. This year I began teaching a new class at a new school, grade 5/6 in fact, so how lucky was it that I actually received the postcard at all! I must say it took me a while to figure out why you would be writing to us, but then I remembered that you must have found me on the Project Postcard list that I registered on ages ago. Though I registered our class, we never actually took part in the project as other things came up that got in the way…I am sure your teacher would know what I mean…so I was pleasantly surprised to get a response after so long! I am still happy to send a postcard back to you, however the answers will now be from the perspective of another class…5/6S! Our blog address there is….so please come and visit us, as I know we will all be back to visit you in the future…who knows maybe we could skype each other one day!
    Regards, Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S

    • Hello Mrs Sinnott & 5/6S,

      It sounds like the postcard we sent you had been on a little bit of a detour! I’m really pleased to hear that the postcard reached you even though you have changed schools. Please pass on our thanks to the lady who delivered it to you. 🙂

      I will add your blog address to our blog roll. That way, we can visit often! I think Skype sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m wondering if you would be interested in doing a debate using Skype. Good practise for our Grade 5s for NAPLAN and of course a bit of fun too!

      Talk to you soon,
      Miss Crowther

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