Together Everyone Achieves More!

Together Everyone Achieves More! We have put this saying into action this week and made plans for the year ahead. As a group we have:
* Developed a Class Code of Co-operation
* Set Vision and Mission Statements
* Created a Class Motto
* Selected a Class Mascot
* Set goals for the week and term
* Completed team challenges
* Applied for school and classroom leadership roles

Watch the slideshow below to see examples of the above things. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to view images full screen.

TEAM 2013 by


What is your favourite thing about starting a new school year?

What do think was the most important TEAM activity?  Why?


10 thoughts on “Together Everyone Achieves More!

  1. What a fantastic start to the new year! I am impressed with the effort and enthusiasm already shown by the students of 5/6J. The Code of Cooperation, vision and mission statements and class motto are awesome and have been thought about really carefully. I can see 5/6J are going to have a fantastic year with loads of 5 star work coming out of the class from everyone!

  2. Dear 5/6 JC
    I love the idea of having a 5 star classroom, and it looks like you’ve spent a lot of time at the start of your year thinking about how you want to learn and what kind of a class you would like to be. I enjoyed reading your mission statements and I thought the Code of Co-operation poster was beautifully executed, and very eye-catching. I wonder what kind of challenges you got up to as a team – they looked very interesting!
    I look forward to following our 5-star blogging buddies this year!
    Mrs Monaghan

  3. Hi 5/6 JC
    Our favourite thing about starting a new year was-
    – The new playground- Bethany
    – Making the dresses- Brooke
    – Doing writing- Alliana

    Everyone is really excited about the sleep over.

    From 1J and Miss Joy

  4. Hi 5/6JC
    We have been looking around your blog, it looks awesome! We like that you have included photos and pictures of posters and things in your classroom!

    Our favourite things about starting the new school year are:
    – singing
    – having a new teacher
    – sport.

    We think the most important TEAM activity was creating our friendship posters because we worked in groups and described how to be a good friend on our colourful posters.

    If you have a chance you should read the Blue Day Book For Kids because it is funny!

    We are learning to write Quality Comments, what do you think of our comment?

    Have you commented on ours or anyone else’s blog yet this year?

    What do you think a Quality Comment should include?

    From 4/5P

  5. Hi 4/5P,
    I didn’t know that you had a blog. Do you like blogging? Have you got a favourite part about blogging?

    My favourite things this year are:
    Sport (as always 😀 )
    Singing (I like it because it’s something different)
    Literacy (with Mr. Parkinson)
    And lots more!

    Bye for now,
    From Daniel.

    P.S. Please write back.

  6. Dear Miss Crowther,
    What are you doing the challenges for? At our school we have acedemic olympics. It’s when my school and about five other school compete in poetry, math problem solving, and religion. Looks like lots of fun.

    Techie Kids

    • Dear Jonathan,

      We did the challenges as part of our T.E.A.M program at the start of our new school year. T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. The challenges helped everyone get to know each other and work together co-operatively.

      The Academic Olympics sound great. What sections will you be competing in?

      Good luck in the Olympics!

      Miss Crowther 🙂

  7. Dear Miss Crowther,

    I think that the fourteenth picture is really cool. I wish we could build a bridge to drive a lego car across. Five other kids and I are doing Problem Solving in the Academic Olympics. We have to build stuff to do things like take a ping pong ball from one table to another, make the tallest free standing tower, and get a ping pong ball around some things with out hitting them. I think your class would really like the Academic Olympics.

    Techie Kids

    • Dear Andrew,

      Thank you visiting and commenting on our blog.

      Yes, the bridge and lego car was pretty cool! Your challenges sound like good fun. I have not heard of Academic Olympics before and I really like the sound of them. I think we would really like them too. How do they work exactly? Do you do all of your challenges in one day? Do you practise first?

      Bye for now,
      Miss Crowther 🙂

  8. Hi 5/6JC,

    From looking at your blog it looks like you have all had a brilliant start to the new school year! There has been lots of learning and many different things happening. I’m sure there will be lots more to come, too!

    I am just about to start my new school year, I have lots to learn still too!

    I will be sure to continue checking in on your blog to see what exciting things are happening at UPPS.

    Miss Maraschiello. 🙂

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